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Monte Cristo HP, WA | Nov 2018

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Here for some activation fun west of Trout Lake, Washington is Peak 4420 or Monte Cristo Range High Point. It's a bit out of the way, but is a near drive-up four pointer accessed by a road that a passenger car can handle. Check out this updated trip report here:

Needless to say, a GPS is a good help for finding this summit. There are other roads leading there, but the directions below are for a gravel road in good condition.

Head east in the Gorge to either Cascade Locks and cross the Bridge of the Gods (and go east on 14) or to Hood River and cross to Highway 14 (and go west). You'll take 141 Alternate north towards Trout Lake, about 21 miles, meeting up with the regular 141 after about 2 miles. 

Pass through Trout Lake and go past the Mt. Adams Ranger Station. In about 0.5 miles past the Ranger Station, the road will swing left. After 2.6 miles past the Ranger Station you'll keep left again and 141 becomes NF-86.  

After about 2.2 miles on NF-86 there should be a sign indication the direction to the Monte Cristo Trail (see photo) and another at about 5.2 miles (see photo). (Remember that a GPS will be handy.) After another 0.5 miles you'll see the trail and a trail sign (see photo). Continue on NF-86 for another 0.5 miles to a where the road ends at a laydown area - about 0.2 miles from the summit. In the laydown you'll find a ramp leading to an overgrown cat track heading towards the summit (see photo with Roland-K7FOP). When this cat track peters out, you go cross country about 40 yards or so to the left to find an open area with views and the summit (last photo).

Plenty of trees to rig antennas here, and we worked no one on 2m FM, so I wouldn't count on 2m this far out in the Gorge. 

Nearby Monte Carlo, W7W/MC-061 could round out your day with another four points.

Note that the Monte Cristo Trail #53 does NOT go to the Monte Cristo High Point. But it does have one end that's not far from the summit.

Monte Cristo Trail sign
Another Monte Cristo Trail sign
Monte Cristo trail and sign
Roland-K7FOP showing the cat track ramp
Roland in the summit clearing