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6001 OR | October 2021

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Voice Cellular Coverage: 
Don't know
Data Cellular Coverage: 
Decent, workable
Cellular Provider: 
APRS Coverage: 
Some stations received, but no digi echos

Summary --  The trailhead for 6001 is on Bennett Pass Road, about two miles from Windy Camp. It may be possible to hike it from Windy Camp on Gunsight Trail but we didn't test this assumption. Bennett Pass Road requires 4WD, low tire pressure, and high clearance and some patience.  6001 can be done with Badger Butte (CN-013). 2M contacts are possible, ATT cell and APRS both work. The summit is rocky and sparsely forested. Here's the summit:


Long Version -- I hiked 6001, along with Lookout (CN-008) and Badger (CN-013), with Tim N7KOM and Roscoe. We got to the trailhead by driving Bennett Pass Road from Lookout Mountain and parking at 45.309, -121.572 to access Gunsight Trail (about four miles).  The hike is less than half a mile and about 300 feet up. 6001 has three summits; you will pass one of them to get to the high point and go up the true summit on the west side. The trail is not difficult and the bumpy summit is rock and tree covered. There may be views but morning fog/clouds kept them hidden from us. There were lots of trees for wires, ATT digital cell worked, and we made several 2M contacts. 

6001 is accessed by Bennett Pass Road, through Bennett Pass Snowpark or by way of Lookout Mountain. If you like bashing off road, you'll love Bennett Pass Road which is rutted, condition, mostly single lane without turnouts, and includes a couple of exposed sections. 4WD, low tire pressure, and high clearance are a must.  We encountered more traffic on the road than we expected, too, given the time of year. 

If you are already planning on doing Bennett Pass Road to hike 6001, consider including a trip to Badger Butte (CN-013), too.