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Rogers Peak, OR | Feb 2022

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Good, very usable
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I read Tim N7KOM's summit report from last week and decided to get while the getting was good.  Things were still pretty much as he described from the previous weekend.  The 2 trees were still blocking the road.  The good thing about that is that there is a wide spot in the road just around the previous corner to park.  There was only one other wide spot after that to park before the gate and nowhere to turn around. 

Hiking up the logging roads got me to within a couple hundred feet of the summit.  It was a combination of bare road and packed snowdrifts.  The last bit is a very steep bushwack to the top.  Once there, I found a red tin can with a jar containing a summit log and a pencil and signed in.

UPDATE: according to there is an easier way up instead of bushwacking but I missed it.

I was able to work several S2S back into Portland on 2m.  The temperature was quite cold and so after getting 6 QSO, I decided to head back down.  It was a pleasant hike down with the sun finally breaking through the fog/clouds.