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Cedar Mountain, ID | May 2024

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This summit was a bit of a drive up from Highway 95.  Turn east onto E Ohio Match Rd and follow until E Forest Service Rd 1552.  This becomes gravel and then dirt and then rather rutted dirt.  A car might be able to navigate the ruts with careful driving but a high clearance vehicle or 4x4 would be better.  The upper portion of the road gets better.  Park at (47.87615426731026, -116.63432109643475) and follow the spur road around to the summit.  Hike is around 2 miles and 800' elevation OW.  The spur road had a couple tank traps in it and appears to dwindle into a path for a while but then gets more roadlike.  There is a lot of blowdown to climb over/under on the way up.  I opted to bushwhack instead of spiraling around the summit on the way up and followed the road back down but the elapsed time seemed to be about the same.  There is a path early on that appears to be a motorcycle track but it peters out after a while and by then you are committed to the bushwhack.

The top has a nice open area that has foundation piers for a lookout shack, long since rotted away.

This summit pairs well (if a bit long... 8 miles overall) with Buckles Mountain (W7I/NP-120).  See my trip report here.