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Ball Mountain, OR | Dec. 2023

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Decent, workable
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Decent, workable
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Ball Mountain is a relatively easy drive-near summit in the Oregon coast range, east of Lincoln City. Your passenger vehicle will get you close to the summit, followed by a short walk and then a bushwhack, neither of which is challenging. The summit area itself is treed in with ample space to set up and plenty of trees for antennas.


From Lincoln City, head south on US-101 for 3.8 miles. Turn left on S. Drift Creed Road and drive for 1.6 miles. Turn right and continue 0.4 miles. S. Drift Creek proceeds uphill to the left here. In 0.9 miles, stay left and continue climbing S. Drift Creek Road, which is also now technically NF 17. In another 3.3 miles you will see a right turn onto a muddy two-track. There are technically two roads that split here from paved NF 17. Take the rightmost. All roads up to this point are in good condition and paved.


Drive 0.2 miles, staying left at the fork. In another 0.2 miles, you want the right turn. This road is partially rutted, so low clearance vehicles park here and walk up the road 0.25 miles. In the clearing, look for the ramped area on the left, head up and bushwhack 0.25 miles to the summit.


I worked only HF but it may be possible to make some VHF contacts into Lincoln City from here. AT&T was good for spotting/data/etc.