Fire Lookout

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Aldrich Mtn and 6401, OR | Aug 2020


Aldrich Mountain in Grant County has two fairly accessible summits that make a nice pair to activate as part of the same day trip.  These include Aldrich Mountain (W7O/NE-054) and 6401 (W7O/NE-205).  Both are 6-point and located in the far western part of the Malheur National Forest, with access from Hwy 26 and Forest Routes 21 (Field Creek Rd) and 2150.  Route 21 is paved while 2150 is a well-maintained gravel road.  Plan for a 15 mile drive on 2150.  There are campgrounds in the area. 

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Jumbo Mtn., Trail hike to remote fire lookout in Bob Marshall Wilderness


Jumbo Mountain (3.4 mi., 3,400 ft, 16-mile approach)

The approach and climb to Jumbo Mountain offers a scenic journey through the remote and spectacular Bob Marshall Wilderness.  We included this activation as part of a 9-day loop trip through the Bob Marshall Wilderness that included three SOTA activations.