Tillamook Forest

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2020 Oregon Fire Closures Begin

Stimson Lands Close Temporarily


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Tillamook Peak (2399), Oregon | June 2020


 “Tillamook Peak”, NC-091, is now a drive up. Can't tell you how to drive up because I hiked up the ATV trail described by K7EEX .http://www.pnwsota.org/blog/k7eex/2018-july-07/tillamook-peak-2399-oregon However, when I reached the ridgeline the trail t-boned into a road. Short walk up the road led me to the clear cut summit. Great view of the Wilson River. Don't expect trees for help, bring your own antenna support.

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Ben Smith, OR (Peak 2592) | June 2020



Ben Smith is now a drive up. It has been clear cut and there is a good road to the top.