Drive up summit

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Dennie Ahl Hill, WA | April 2023


Dennie Ahl Hill is due west of Hoodsport WA. We used Google maps from Shelton and it routed us correctly. Our route was "priusable" with some potholes that are navigatable. It has a wide activation zone and FM into the Seattle area is doable. I set up HF to get some S2S, trees around the perimeter make it easy to set up a mast and you can easily lounge in a chair in the flat area.  Easy Peazy summit.

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Lenhart Butte, OR | Mar 2023


Lenhart Butte is a drive-up or near drive-up just east of Sandy, Oregon. The access is via paved roads. Your GPS will guide you to the parking area, 45.34611, -122.1697,  or at least mine did.

The parking area is also in the activation zone, but is also pretty much in someone’s front yard.

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Salmo Mountain, Washington - 10September2020


I was tipped-off by K7DJL that Salmo was nearly a drive-up summit not too far from our planned camp on Priest Lake. Turned out that it was a fun scenic drive through cedar and hemlock forest and over a couple of mountain passes. The summit looks into Canada so we decided to spend the night in the saddle between the 1960s era US Forest Service Lookout and the actual summit.

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Tillamook Peak (2399), Oregon | June 2020


 “Tillamook Peak”, NC-091, is now a drive up. Can't tell you how to drive up because I hiked up the ATV trail described by K7EEX . However, when I reached the ridgeline the trail t-boned into a road. Short walk up the road led me to the clear cut summit. Great view of the Wilson River. Don't expect trees for help, bring your own antenna support.

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Ben Smith, OR (Peak 2592) | June 2020



Ben Smith is now a drive up. It has been clear cut and there is a good road to the top.



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Camano Island, WA | Nov 2019


Camano Island is a 1-point summit accessed via a short and nearly flat elevation gain hike, or drive-up due to larger activation area.  Thank you Josh WU7H for blog comment about drive-up option, and difficulty trying to chase this summit.  Stopping on side of N Cross Island Rd just North of the summit appears to be one drive-up option (see picture below).

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Tulalip Hill, WA | Feb 2019


Tulalip Hill is an easy 1-point drive-up summit located in Snohomish County, WA.  While the summit is located on private property, there is a public boat launch on the northeast corner of the lake which is within the activation zone.  Thanks to Jason KV7DX (previously KE7UIU) for providing this information to myself and other activators!

A Discover Pass is required.

Link to Snohomish County website with information regarding Lake Loma:

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Dorn Peak Oregon


This must be one of the all time easiest summits to get to.  The dirt road is graded with no gravel.  The only way to know you're not on asphalt are the occassional potholes.  The summit is very large and surrounded with trees that obscure any view of the surrounding vistas.  There is a lot of trash scattered around from clay shooting with a large fire ring indicating a party destination.  The actual summit is a small knoll to the west of the flat area where I set up both a 2m "J" pole and a random wire HF antenna.