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First activation of Benson Point


After abortive failures earlier in the day due to lack of access I finally completed an activation on this awesome summit on a beautiful day.


Access to the summit is via gated logging roads with recreation use permitted signs and no motor vehicles allowed.  

Parking is directly off Highway 47 south of Clatskanie at position: 46.041460, -123.248066

There is ample parking for multiple vehicles as seen below:

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875 Doppler Shift Hill First Activation


I completed the first activation on Doppler Shift on 04MAR2019.  The hike is roughly 2 miles from a logging gate.  In my case this gate was open however as with all these gates they can be closed and locked at any time so pass them at your own risk.  I was able to drive about 3/4 of the way up before finding a 'Unauthorized Motor Vehicle Access Prohibited' sign.  At that point I found a spot to park and hiked the rest of the way to the activation point.