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North Lookout Mountain WA - March 2021


March 20, 2021

Myself, Chris (KI7JOM) and Clint (KJ7LLS) activated this summit in a heavy snowfall. We parked at the snow line on Coal Crk Rd at about 2400'. From here we snowshoed on forest roads and cross country all day in cold and wet conditions. Slow and challenging day.

9 miles, 2700' gain over 8 hours.

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Little Tahoma Peak, WA | July 2021


DISCLAIMER: This summit should not be attempted without knowledge of rope systems, crevasse rescue and snow travel. It is a serious climb that should not be taken lightly.

Little Tahoma Peak is a sister summit of Mt Rainier. At 11,138' it is the 3rd tallest peak in Washington State. It is far less popular than Rainier due to the fact that the final few hundred feet is some of the loosest rock in the state.