Exposed Summit

Summit is exposed to wind, rain, sun (and good views)
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Garwood Butte, OR | July 2023


See Etienne's report for more details.  I wanted to add just a few words on the road condition to the upper trailhead (road 370).  

It is definitely high clearance and 4WD recommended, quite bumpy with large ruts in places.

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Cache Peak, Idaho | July 2023


I had hiked into the Independence Lakes area a few days earlier and was blown away with the beauty of the ancient glacier bowl where the lakes are located. From the lakes you can see Cache Peak to the south dominating the skyline, thus my interest was piqued.  From

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Cave Benchmark, Nevada | July 2023


This was a first-time activation of the summit.  There are two summits very close to each other with a shallow saddle.  I ignored my GPS and arrived at the false summit and had to scurry over to the actual summit.  This was a 400-foot (only 20-foot elevation) mistake.

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Mount Defiance | July 2023


Lovely mostly shady hike to a peak with a good view of mt hood. Highly recommended activation.


There are a few routes to get to Mount Defiance. We took the hike from Warren lake described here on Oregon Hikers (different from 2012 trip report). 


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Black Butte, OR | July 2023


Black Butte is a moderate hike, with phenomenal views of the Central Oregon Cascade range. There is an active fire tower that should be avoided, as the public is not allowed near the tower during fire season. The hike is a 2.1 mile, steady pitch that ascends 1600ft from the parking area. Getting to the trailhead can be done in any passenger car, though the last mile is a bit rough due to a lot of runoff from the heavy snows this past winter. From US Highway 20 turn South on FS-11, then take a left on FS-1110 to the parking area.

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Nameless Peak or "4088", OR - July 2023


WV-117 is a long walk along a mostly exposed route to a completely exposed summit.  In fact, it was a very sunny and very warm hike that was much longer than expected.  I estimated based on what I could see with my eyes from the Santiam Canyon (and what I could see in satellite imagery) that there'd be no shade, and possibly no trees either.  I guessed about a 3/4 of a mile shorter than reality.   But I was mostly right - there was only one treed spot along the 4.5 mile route up that offered any relief from the sun, and there were none for either shade or suitable a

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3220 - W7O/NC-069 | July 2023


NC-069 is one of the handful of 2 pointers in the Oregon NC region, located in the Tillamook State Forest. It's fairly remote, past Cedar Butte or Triangulation depending on the route you choose to take, but it can be paired with either one in a day. It requires a short but strenuous climb with bushwhacking, and rewards you with a nice open summit area with good views of the surrounding peaks and valleys.

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4420, OR | July 2023


W7O/CE-300, aka 4420, is located in the Crooked River National Grassland just north of Smith Rock State Park. It is a moderate hike but due to the difficult access, I would qualify this as a intermediate SOTA. It could be approached via foot, off-road vehicle/motorcycle, 4x4 horse or bicycle. The hike up once off trail is off-camber but is very navigable. I would suggest trekking poles for help with footing. Once on the summit ridge, its an easy hike to the top. I rode my mountain bike and it took me about an hour and fifteen minutes to get to the top from the Skull Hollow trail head.

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Wanderer's Peak, OR | June 2023


With the reopening of FR 45 in the Mt. Hood National Forest Clackamas Ranger District in Oregon, a set of previously closed peaks are available to activators again just in time for the summer SOTA season! I chose to activate Wanderer's Peak, along with South Fork Mountain (W7O/WV-030), in a single day double. The area was previously closed due to wildfire damage from the 2020 fires.