Exposed Summit

Summit is exposed to wind, rain, sun (and good views)
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Summit 8022, Montana | 27 July 2023


This unnamed summit is a bald rocky grassland overlooking a large mostly roadless area (Allan Mountain 01946) and the southern end of the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness Area. It has a very good trail, FS #178 due in part to regular trail maintenance through a huge amount of fire-killed fallen trees. The hike also travels through large southerly-aspect grassland-slopes that could be quite warm during mid-day summer months.

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Saddle Mountain, Montana | 26 July 2023


Saddle Mountain is near the Lost Trail Pass Ski Area. The SOTA summit access road serves the upper facilities of the ski area. A high clearance vehicle can drive to within 0.25 miles of the summit. The summit has good views. It is very open and rocky with limited space for long wire antennas. 

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Pansy Mountain, OR - October 2023


Pansy Mountain has not been activated since the 2021 fires.  I originally intended to do both Pansy Mountain and Bull of the Woods, but I did not get an early enough start for a late autumn hike.  Getting there is straight forward.  A high clearance vehicle is helpful for a couple of sections, but it is probably not absolutely necessary.  Follow the directions from the Forest Service:

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Summit 6389 (near Dog Lake)


This no-name summit just East of Dog Lake was the last of of three activations during the Annular Eclipse weekend of October 2023.

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Barry Point


I decided to attempt Barry Point following the Annular Eclipse of 2023. I approached it from the South and drove clockwise to a point north of the peak where a dirt road heads South East up the hill, parking at 42.113809, -120.793403.

This last leg of the drive contained pretty deep ruts (presumably from people driving through the snow), a few mud puddles (even in October). Definitely need high-clearance and probably 4wd once you leave the gravel road and turn SE.

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Cape Horn Peak, ID | Oct 2023


I recently had the occasion to spend some time in Northern Idaho and while there I activated this summit.

The road up to the summit starts from Hwy 95, heading East on Hwy 54 and North on N Perimeter and East again on Bayview Rd to N Cherokee Rd and north following that up.  N Cherokee Rd is also shown as FS 297 on Google Maps.  The road condition is not great with many ruts down the middle.  I had to straddle the ruts in many cases.  A high-clearance vehicle is probably required.

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Elk Peak, MT | October, 2023


4.3 miles, +1,135 ft, -297 ft; Mostly on ATV Trail

Driving Directions from Lennep, MT

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Pine Ridge, OR | October 2023


Pine Ridge is an easy to moderate hike along a double track and easy bush wacking. Any passenger car should be able to navigate to the place we parked and many would likely have no trouble driving further up the 2 track if desired. We had plenty of activity on 2M and I wouldn't expect any trouble activating 2M only. The views of the Grasslands and Central Oregon Cascades are fantastic and the solitude is remarkable for the ease of access.

Full Report here

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China Mountain | September 2023


This Nevada peak was first activated on 29 November 2021 by KJ7WGM along with Hanks Peak. This is a very straight forward ½-mile hike with only 287 feet of elevation gain.  Follow the ridge line from where you park and head to a false summit.  You can walk over the summit or skirt around it on the south (recommended). The summit is very rocky and today was extremely windy.  I was able to find a rock outcropping that protected me from the wind on the NW side of the summit.

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Hanks Peak, Nevada | September 2023


This is one of those activations that I will most likely not repeat! The peak was first activated on 29 November 2021 by KJ7WGM along with China Mountain. The hike is a bushwhack of only .35 miles, but with 627 feet of elevation gain, half of which is through a boulder field and thick brush.