Exposed Summit

Summit is exposed to wind, rain, sun (and good views)
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First SOTA Activation: Lone Mountain, Madison County, Montana - March 3, 2017


Second Time Was A Charm!  Almost exactly 2 years since my last ski trip / Activation attempt of Lone Mountain, Montana, I returned and was successful this time ...barely.  Winter Activations at this altitude (11,166 feet, 3,403 Meters), are certainly not trivial matters, even if Ski Tram access is available.  Lone Mountain is the apex of Big Sky Ski Resort, in Big Sky Montana.  See: for general information, and  for trail maps during ski season.

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Mount Harrison, Idaho by K7ZO | November 2016


On November 11, 2016 I was making a blitz trip from Boise down to City of Rocks to activate it in the ARRL’s National Parks on the Air program. I had always wanted to run up to Mt. Harrison and had just enough time in my schedule to do so. I had read W7IMC’s short summary of his 2013 trip, as found on the SOTA Summit Summary. A paved drive up to a 6 pointer! In Idaho! Hard to believe and it is likely the only one of its kind. Sure enough that is what it is.

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Successful 2m-FM Activation of Tiffany Mountain, Okanogan County, Washington July 3, 2016


Tiffany Mountain’s 8242 foot summit classifies it as a 10 point SOTA summit. With only a few exceptions, 10 point summits in the W7W association are technical climbs, or exposed Class 3 or 4 scrambles.

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Three Corner Rock, WA | November 2016


This is a fine hike that many should try at some point - it's 4.4 miles and 800 feet of gain for the 'short' version described here, with a summit pinnacle that makes for a fun scramble if you feel the need to get to the tippy top. 

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August 20, 2014 activation of Crater Peak (W7O/CS-026) in Crater Lake NP by NS7P


 Crater Peak is a small 7263’ shield volcanic summit that is located a few miles south of the lake.

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WA6ARA activates Wizard Island, OR | August 2014


As part of our annual summer trips Paula, N6VGW and myself (WA6ARA) try to go different routes and have fun along the way. As part of our 2014 excursion we stopped by Crater Lake in Oregon for a few days. While there we did a a couple of Summits On The Air, or SOTAs. These were Wizard Island and Mt Scott. While Mt Scott has been activated often, Wizard Island had never been activated. Wizard Island, is in the middle of Crater Lake so you can’t walk there, it is a boat trip and reservations are usually needed.

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Silver Star, WA | November 2016


Silver Star is a classic hike in SW Washington that should be on everyone's list to do at least once.

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Bull of the Woods, OR | August 2014


Bull of the Woods is a pleasant and popular hike south of Estacada of about 6.5 miles and 1300 feet of gain. There's an unused (but locked) fire lookout at the summit, giving you a chance to be out of the sun (or rain) to activate by standing under the structure.

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Oak Grove Butte, OR | October 2016


Here's a near drive-up south of Estacada with a hike as short as a quarter mile and 200 feet of gain.