basic bushwack hike

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Biddle Butte, WA | February 2023 (via publicly-accessible route)



For this activation, I followed the recommendation made by N7LF in

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Davis Mountain, WA


Davis Mtn could be activated with Purcell, W7W/PL-057, via the same access Davis Creek Road.  Davis Creek Road goes north from SR12, a few miles east of Randle. Davis Creek Road becomes NF63 which is easily driveable by street vehicles, i.e. "priusable" for about 8 miles.  Turn right at 46.58361, -121.81340 onto a high-clearance, at least an AWD, heavily rutted road.

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Pataniks Pushtye | September 2021


Squaw Butte in Washington is a good beginner bushwack hike. I met up with Tyler ND7Y at the Tillicum Campground and we parked our cars in a campsite near the trailhead. Tyler had found word of an old cattrack that leaves the Squaw Butte trail and heads to the summit. Overall this is an easy hike. The bushwack is manageable and the distance/elevation is reasonable. The trail to the cattrack is in good condition. Find the GPX track HERE

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Brundage Mountain, Idaho | June 2021


Brundage Mountain is short, but punchy. Don't let the distance to summit fool you. It goes from a road to a double track that fades into the brush. We mostly followed the gps track from K7MK. His track yields a good spot to cross the creek and keeps you out of the thickest brush. Where we deviated was on dealing with the block below the summit. We opted for climbers right on the ascent and climbers left on the descent. The right side is more rocky and feels like a stairmaster. The left side is more dirt, so more slipping. Pick your poison I suppose, both are steep.