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Peak 6540, Montana July 11, 2020


This was a failed attempt of activating this summit.

Driving the route to the "trailhead" involves a 21 mile stretch of Forest Service roads that takes you within a thousand feet of the summit. Take Forest Service road 412 that starts at Montana highway 135, just south of Quinns Hot Springs. 412 intersects with Forest Service road 97 that takes you to the summit. See link below for the map of this route. These are well maintained roads but Four Wheel Drive is highly recommended. Some rocky spots and deep potholes from the rain. Allow 90 minutes to drive this.

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Lone Butte - June 2020


After my success over at Break In Pk., I continued on to Lone Butte to give it another go, after my previously failed attempt. Access remains the same, only take the road in if PNW pinstriping is something you like to adorn your paint.

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McKinley Ridge, WA


Directions: Take Sunset Falls Road east of Battleground to Sunset Campground. Turn right and cross the East Fork Lewis River on FS Road 41. Stay on FS 41 for approximately 9 miles to a large parking area atop McKinley Ridge. This is NOT the summit.

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Monte Carlo, WA | Nov-2012


This was also another case for me finding roads or trails at the summit when I could not find any such information online until AFTER the activation. It appears that Gifford Pinchot Forest Trail #52, Monte Carlo, starts at the Oklahoma Campground to the west and crosses this peak. I came from the east side with a shorter drive and a shorter hike.

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"Chasers Rock" (Peak 4980), OR | Oct-2012


Peak 4980, to be known throughout SOTAdom as "Chasers Rock," is an easy activation just south of Mount Hood, Oregon (even if the road is horrid). It has great views (in the right weather) and some wilderness character about it. And there is an old trail that makes access fairly easy.