Good Views From Summit

Summit has good "views"
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Little Tahoma attempt


Little Tahoma is a 11,138 ft summit on the east flank of Mt. Rainier. The route requires crossing the Frying Pan and Whitman glaciers.

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Summit on Thin Air: Activating Mount Hood at 11,250'


Tuesday last week, with the help, support, and expertise of friends and an experienced mountaineering guide, I summited Mount Hood for my first time, and activated Mount Hood for its first time in SOTA. The climb began under a crystal clear starry sky around 00:37 on Tuesday, 11 June 2013, heading up the snowcat-groomed climber’s trail from Wy'East Day Lodge at Timberline Lodge. At midnight, I had met my guide, Rodney Sofich, at the Climber's Register just inside the day lodge to discuss what I was about to undertake.

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Goat Mountain, OR


Goat Mtn is located southeast of Molalla. It is a radio comm site with numerous VHF antennas (+ other transmitters) on one tower at the summit.

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Wolf Mountain, OR


Wolf Mtn is located southeast of Oakridge. It is a radio comm site with numerous VHF antennas (+ other transmitters) on one tower to the west.  The other east tower is an ATT celltower (good coverage!). The access roads are good and 2wd passable with some careful driving especially on FS2316 which is narrow in places.                                  

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The worst


2012-07-07 W7W/RS-046 CN96as86

After the long Iambic adventure I was looking for something easy and short. I choose Mount Wow, and read a lot of trip reports about the mountain. I had three choices to get onto the top. On the west ridge, from south following the old national park border trail, or from east using the Alan lake trail, which is also abandoned. At the end I decided to try it from west. This one is the shortest and most likely the easiest too.

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Adventure Sota


Most of the Oregon south coast summits are accessible only by dirt roads.  access to summit bases are on un maintained dirt roads.  Since the South Coast gets, on average, 6 feet of rain a year, well, you can imagine what a steep unmaintained dirt road looks like. 

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Squaw Butte, ID | April 2013


Note that there is another Idaho "Squaw Butte-W7I/SR-089" and that this "Squaw Butte" is also the name given to the long ridge just to the east of this two-pointer. However, the ridge and it's associated peak, "Squaw Butte South" doesn't have the required prominence for SOTA. But hey, the real peak is only a few miles away. 

Directions to the "trailhead" seemed a little tricky for an out of towner - I've started them below from ID-44 - W State Street where you make the turn north on ID-16. See this for more information and other routes:

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Shafer Butte, ID | May-2013


Shafer Butte is an excellent activation not far from Metro Boise - about an hour up Bogus Basin Road will get you there - and another 1.25 miles or so and 700 feet of hiking will gain you the summit proper. Or consider that there is a ski lift a few feet away from the summit - buy a lift ticket and climb a little and earn the bonus points for a "ski" activation during the winter.

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Greenleaf Peak, WA | May-2013


You'll be in good company when you climb Greenleaf Peak - Botanist David Douglas was there in September of 1825 without a road or trail. You might think that a hike starting under power lines would not be particularly remote or wild - but once you leave the service road you'll be thinking differently. It's a summit that rarely sees visitors - you might do yourself (and those that might follow) a service by wielding a machete on some of the more overgrown parts of the trail.

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Sam High Point (Peak 4375), ID | Apr-2013


Here's a fairly easy SOTA summit not too far from Boise. It has good views from the top and some simple navigation challenges as it's cross country with no trail. This could be a good summit to try out using a GPS - it might help you end up in the right place.