Good Views From Summit

Summit has good "views"
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Ch-Paa-Qn Peak Activation


Here is a link to my blog from Ch-Paa-Qn Peak. This is a great summit with great views and faily easy access. Thanks to all the Chasers and Activators.




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First Butte - My First Activation


Finally got the round-tuit for my first activation.  First Butte had not yet been actiivated and looked pretty easy so off we went.  It isn't much of a hike.  There is a high clearance forest road that takes you to the summit.  Some internet sites report that the Bromas Creek approach is closed due to a washout on NFR 37.   The Forest Service has built a detour, NFR 3700-805 that is not on the FS map but connects to 3700-825.  

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August 4, 2013 Activation of Scott Mountain


This was a wonderful day for an activation of Scott Mountain.  The trailhead is reached by taking the turnoff for Scott Lake Campground off of OR242 a few miles west of the Dee Wright Observatory. Follow the gravel road past all the campsites to the quarry at the end of the road.  There are two trails that start from there.  Take the Benson Trail 3402 to go most directly to Scott Mountain.

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Black Crater Activation


Completed my second SOTA activation on Black Crater on July 23, 2013. Black Creater trailhead is located just east of McKenzie Pass on OR 242.  The trailhead is well marked.  Parking and the trail are both very good.  Trail to the top is about four miles with about 3000ft elevation gain. Trail starts in dense forest and the forrest thins out as you go higher.  There were lots of bugs at the parking lot but once on the trail, they were not a problem.

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First SOTA Activation: Tamarack Peak, Washoe County, Nevada - May 18, 2012 - "Three Aces of Five"


First SOTA Activation of Tamarack Peak, Washoe County, Nevada - Ace Number 3.

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First SOTA Activation: Crystal Mtn (Silver King), WA - July 19, 2013


Great outing on sunny and warm day (80F at 2:00 PM).  With Loren Chotzen, Dexter the Labrador and Max the Husky.

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Mt. Hood | July 2013


This was a fun activation of Mt. Hood. I decided to splurge on weight and bring the FT-817 and Buddipole (no coils) for 6m and 2m SSB. Once I got the antenna up, I found a number of chasers waiting on 50.125, so I'm glad I brought equipment for 6m. The mast was supported by shoving it into the hard snow on the summit.

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Kelly Butte - July 3, 2013


It was a beautiful day, all the way around.  Kelly Butte is a great hike, a bit steep and exposed on the beginning switchbacks, but with wildflowers this time of year, and open views from the fire lookout.

Rainier filled the view to the south, and Seattle was visible through the foothills.  Mt. Stuart, Glacier Peak and the "backside" of the southern Snoqualmie pass summits made a nice panorama.

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Unicorn Peak


Unicorn Peak was a short easy climb compared to the Little T attempt the day before. It's about a 6 mile round trip with 2500 ft of elevation gain. We were on snow most of the way.