Treacherous Trail

Trail requires special care due to difficult or technical obstacles
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Timbered Peak, Sister Rocks WA Access Info | September 2021 UPDATE


UPDATE - K7AHR decided to check the ground conditions for these two peaks. Both are apparently accessible with the usual cautions regarding hiking in burn zones. 

Hearing that the Big Hollow TH is again open, I began making plans to activate Timbered Peak and Sister Rocks (W7W/LC-064). Unfortunately, a BARC map (dated September 30, 2020) indicates that Timbered Peak was severely damaged in the Big Hollow fire. At this time, there appears to be no way to safely access either summit. More below...

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Mann Butte WA | September 2021


Summary - Roughly two hours from Portland, getting Mann Butte includes a steep bushwhack through heavy brush and deadfall and ends in a small, tree and brush covered summit. You can see Mt Adams through the trees but not much else. While you can drive to the base of the summit, if you value your vehicle's paint, you will hike the road in.

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Fryingpan Mountain, WA | Sep 2021


Here's a wilderness peak where backpacking is a good choice - it's a long seven miles one-way and about 2700 feet of gain - it would be a lot to do in one day. It would even be possible to camp on the summit - but be ready to carry your water.

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Sentinel Peak, OR | August 2021


Unless you're in extremely good shape (or just crazy) Sentinel Peak should be done as a backpack trip. The best way to activate is to hike to Aneroid Lake along the E Fork Wallowa Lake Trail (1804) starting at the Wallowa Lake TH. 

To get to the Wallowa Lake TH drive to Joseph, OR and continue South on hwy 351/Powerhouse Rd. Once near the southern end of the lake take a left to stay on Powerhouse Road and follow it to the end. Parking is free and you do not need a NW Forest Pass for this TH. 

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Barlow Ridge W7O/CN-028 | August 2021


This was my first time up Barlow Ridge in the summer. Park at the Barlow Pass Sno-Park with a NW Forest Pass. The trail is well-marked, albeit the signs are up high due to this area's popularity during the winter. I encountered quite a few large blow down trees at the start of the hike, so be prepared for some significant tree scrambling. 

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4220 (d layer mountain) WA | August 2021


Summary - Given the two hour drive, a really steep, brush covered cross county hike to the summit, and the need to bring HF along, summiting 4220 is best part of a multi-hill day.  A map and compass or GPS is a really good idea, as are trekking poles and long pants.

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4340 (mount continuity) WA | August 2021


Summary - Getting 4340 into the log requires a two hour drive, a short steep, brush covered cross county hike to the summit, and HF capability. A map and compass or GPS is a really good idea, as are trekking poles and long pants. There is no trail to the summit and on the way up you will encounter a lot of very large deadfall along with stands of manzanita and poison oak.  2M contacts are difficult unless other SOTA ops are working on nearby mountains, APRS works well, and ATT messaging sometimes.

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Little Tahoma Peak, WA | July 2021


DISCLAIMER: This summit should not be attempted without knowledge of rope systems, crevasse rescue and snow travel. It is a serious climb that should not be taken lightly.

Little Tahoma Peak is a sister summit of Mt Rainier. At 11,138' it is the 3rd tallest peak in Washington State. It is far less popular than Rainier due to the fact that the final few hundred feet is some of the loosest rock in the state.

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South Lookout Mountain, WA | July 2021


My wife and I first attempted this a few years back, but only got to within 1/2 mile of the summit and I did not want to leave her at the car.  We returned on 7/10/2021 so I could get this fairly easy first activation.

The forest service roads are easy to follow to and we parked at 48.8231, -121.9244. A motorsycle might be able to drive closer to the summit. 

The 1/2 mile to get up was 400' in elevation gain. I started out too quickly and had to ratchet it down. I foloowed the road to the end and then traversed to the summit.