Treacherous Trail

Trail requires special care due to difficult or technical obstacles
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La Forêt, FR | May 2019


La Forêt is a forested one-point summit near La Motte-Servolex, France. Heading east on A43, just before the tunnel, exit at Lac d'Aiguebelette, pass through the toll plaza, take the first exit from the roundabout and then the next right. After you pass under the A43 and after about 400m, take a sharp left onto Route du Terreau and wind up the hills towards Ayn on D36E. Pass through Ayn and continue on D37 to Route du Montigon. A GPS will be quite useful in getting to the trailhead.

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Trying to get up Prospect Ridge, 2019/05/27


After studying the map, I thought it was worth checking if the road that approaches the summit is accessible. I invited my family, and we drove up to check, and it definitely is not. We drove NF 23 to NF 2353, which proceeds past some campsites to the trailhead. There is a gate that is sometimes closed, but this doesn't really add a lot of effort to the trail. We got to NF2348, which turns into NF2365 and heads up the mountain, to find a berm had been constructed, decidedly closing the road. We made the decision to hike it anyway, and embarked.

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Elk Mountain, Oregon | May 2019 (Edited - Important!)


(IMPORTANT NOTE! Everything in this post is true with the exception of the peak designation: W7O/NC-022. 

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First SOTA Activation: Full Wave Mountain, AKA Church Mountain, Chelan County, Washington - April 28, 2019.


Half Wave on Full Wave...barely Worked! 

On Sunday, April 28, 2019, My SOTA Buddy, Tim, KG7EJT, and I headed to Church...Mountain that is.  For SOTA purposes, this smallish peak, along the Wenatchee River, in the deep Tumwater Canyon area, is called Full Wave Mountain.  On USGS maps it is referred to as Church Mountain.

I had been looking for springtime Activations on Un-Activated peaks to venture out to, while the high country is still buried in snow, and access to trail heads is problematic.  Full Wave Mountain came up in my search.

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First activation on 2905


Summary: On 31MARCH19 I decided to complete the first activation of W7O/NC-072 currently called only '2905' I had briefly attempted this summit for the S2S party on 23MAR19 but found the road covered in snow.  Today however I was able to drive the majority of the way up with the actual hike portion being fairly short but sweet.  I made the mistake of completing the activation during a big CQ competition so the entire 20m band was full of signals but I was still about to get 18 contacts including 3 s2s contacts.

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Bearhead Mountain, WA | FEB 2019


This was a winter activation of Bearhead Mountain.

WW7D and I decided to give this a shot based on some WTA trip reports that indicated it was possible to drive to the trailhead. We took my 1988 Toyota 4x4 truck that has big tires and is fairly capable off road.

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Badger Butte, OR | July 2017


UPDATE Dec 2021 - Badger Butte (and other summits in the area) are not accessible from Dec 1 to April 1 due to closure of NF-48 and other routes to vehicles more than 50 inches wide. SO - if there's snow and you've got a snowmobile, have at it. See the photo below.  

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Dixie Butte, OR | June 2017


If you find yourself along the eastern stretches of Highway 26 and have a high clearance vehicle, this would be a nice hike of about 2.5 miles round trip to an operating fire lookout. You may elect to drive to the summit, but you may find it more comfortable to hike the narrow steep section. There was snow partially blocking the road in late June, another reason to walk the last bit.

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Monte Cristo HP, WA | Nov 2018


Here for some activation fun west of Trout Lake, Washington is Peak 4420 or Monte Cristo Range High Point. It's a bit out of the way, but is a near drive-up four pointer accessed by a road that a passenger car can handle. Check out this updated trip report here:

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Hollyburn Mountain, BC, Canada


After my first activation on Black Mountain VE7/GV-013 a week ago, I wanted another activation before the rain season starts. I chose Hollyburn Mountain VE7/GV-011 because it seemed just a little more difficult than GV-013. An extra 100m gain shouldn't be too much, right?