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Pig Iron Mountain | July 2023


Pig Iron Mountain is a drive up good gravel forest road plus a half mile light-to-moderate bushwhack through rhododenrons. As such it's reasonably easy enough to reach, though no view at the top to particularly recommend it compared to other local peaks.

We found no pigs, iron or pig iron. Totally misleading peak name. There was just a bunch of bushes. Maybe they are pretty assuming they flower in the spring time. Dunno. YMMV.

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Peterson Ridge WA | September 2021


Summary - Peterson Ridge is a relatively easy bushwhack and an unremarkable summit, without a view or open space. The pleasant hike in on Service Trail 35 includes a modest climb and is mostly under the trees. There are trees for antennas, ATT cell service was five bars, and two way APRS messaging worked. I had no luck on 2M, even with a yagi. The drive can be done in a passenger vehicle and there is plenty of parking at the trailhead. One caution: This is a busy part of the forest and this trail is frequently used by motorbikers.

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Mann Butte WA | September 2021


Summary - Roughly two hours from Portland, getting Mann Butte includes a steep bushwhack through heavy brush and deadfall and ends in a small, tree and brush covered summit. You can see Mt Adams through the trees but not much else. While you can drive to the base of the summit, if you value your vehicle's paint, you will hike the road in.

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Franklin Butte, OR | March 2021


This first time activation was done entirely upon private property. Written permission from the property owner was obtained prior to the attempt. Any subsequent attempts must granted prior written permission. Franklin Butte WV-097 is a 909ft peak located 2.5 miles south of the town of Scio, Oregon. The 2.5 mile round trip hike features 1 mile on a powerline access grass road and 1.5 miles of bushwacking to the summit along a ridgetop. The elevation gain is about 550 feet.


Driving Directions

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1260 Wavelength Peak, WA | August 2020


After failed attempts at Burnt Hill [W7W/NO-108] and Display Mountain [W7W/SO-105], I drove down Donkey Creek Road east of Highway 101 to a spot where the satellite views from Google Maps and show a road splitting off to the east [47.303033, -123.834128].  

I parked here and passed a gate -- no 'no tresspassing signs' or other indications I was on private land (see photo).

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Break In Peak - June 2020


In a normal year, this would be an easy 4-point drive-up. Driving access is via Forest Road 8303 (Ape Cave Rd.), 8303340, and 8303341. From the end of 8303341 the summit is ~500' to the NW, where the trail ducks off the ridgeline you would just continue straight to the summit.