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Trail contains no technical obstacles
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SOTA Activation: South Tiger Mountain, King County, Washington - June 22, 2014


Nice Hike on warm, sunny, first day of Summer, 2014.

Easy hike, mainly in shady forest, leading to a last ascent on road and trail through a clear cut, but re-planted, summit area of South Tiger Mountain.  Unlike many other hikes in the "Issaquah Alps", this trail get relatively light use, and consequently light maintenance.  It was a little overgrown in places, with Nettles in some areas.

My wife accompanied me, as well as our Yellow Labrador Retriever "Dexter", who proceeded to find any availble mud hole to immerse himself in...

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Red Top MTN First Activation


On 21 June the family and I headed out to Ritzville, WA to pick up my oldest daughter, Lily. Of course you know that I cannot drive 2/3 of the way across the state of WA and not find a SOTA to do.

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Not exactly PNW...


Ohio isn't exactly PNW, but I though I'd put it here anyway - It'll give you a flavor of what it's like in other parts of the country

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SOTA Activation: San Gabriel Peak, Los Angeles County, California - May 23, 2014


On a brief vacation in Southern California to visit family, I managed to activate three (3) SOTA peaks.  This is report 1 of 3 for this trip.

San Gabriel is 1,878 Meters, 6,161 feet elevation.  It is a 6 point SOTA Summit.

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Chuckanut Mtn 20 May, 2014


Identified by SOTA as Chuckanut Mtn, this peak is better known as Blanchard Mountain and is part of the Chuckanut Range. it is located on State Trust Land managed by the DNR. More information about the area may be found at:


A DNR Blanchard Forest Block map can be downloaded at:

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Peak 4620, OR | May 2014


When the snow is gone, this is a easy two point summit not far off of Highway 26 east of Mount Hood.

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Lopez Hill Activation 4/26/14


All of our trips to Lopez Island seem to involve a bike ride, and today was no exception. After a brisk ride in this year's annual Tour de Lopez, KG7JEH and I left the latex-clad crowd at the finish line for some SOTA de Lopez action. As it turned out, that action didn't last too long before my battery was down to 10 volts and I called it a day.

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Mt Constitution Activation 4/25/14


This Friday afternoon activation happened on a cool day with the sun breaking through a few clouds for a beatiful sky above the epic scenery. It takes a ferry ride from Anacortes to Orcas Island to get here, but it's sure worth the trip! The main road goes from the ferry dock right through Moran State Park. Turn left at the Y onto the Mt Constitution road, which can take you all the way to a sizeable parking lot at the top.

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Mt Pickett Activation 4/25/14


An early ferry ride out of Anacortes took me to Orcas Island and, after a short drive, I arrived at the Cascade Falls trailhead by about 7 AM. My plans included biking in about 3 miles and hiking up the last 3/4 mile to the summit. Wrong. I was 1/2 hour into the ride when 2 facts became clear: 1. My hybrid bike was not up to the task of handling that muddy, rocky, slippery road - no matter how much air I let out of the tires. 2. My lungs, legs, and nerves weren't up to the task either. I took the bike back down to the truck and began again.