Exposed Trail

Mostly exposed (to sun, wind, etc) trail
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5194 - Wallowa Co, OR | November 2013


5194 is very close to the two Findley Buttes and it would be very easy to activate all three on the same day (but see K7ATN's entry for Findley Buttes West as access is a bit ambiguous).

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Mount Sylvania, OR | Popular Summit


This has been the most popular SOTA activation in Oregon with about 64 activations as of October 2017. Easy to reach, it's a recommended 'first time' summit in the Portland area for new activators. The park is near 6 Nansen Summit, Lake Oswego, and parking can be found near 16 Becket Street or 3 Juarez Street, Lake Oswego.

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Mary's Peak Activation 10.19.2013


Marys Peak...(no aprostrophe is correct) why bother, everybody has been there...execpt for me. So off we went this morning after deciding to activate at 11:30pm the night before. Nothing like planning ahead. Ah, life on the edge is far more fun!

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Snipes Mtn, WA | Aug-2013


Snipes Mountain is a fairly easy one-pointer just a short distance off I-82 east of Sunnyside, Washington. Access is by a rental car "suitable" dirt track about 1.3 miles from the West Sunnyside exit.

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Epic Birthday Activation of Mount Bachelor - Romance and QRP can coexist


I'd had an idea for a while to treat my wife with a combo SOTA/romance trip
to Mt. Bachelor. During the summer, they have what they call "Sunset Dinners"
at the Pine Marten Lodge. This lodge is at the terminus of the Pine Marten chair
lift at 7775ft. My idea was to take the lift to the lodge in the morning, summit
and do SOTA stuff, then hike back to the lodge for a nice dinner. Well, things
got busy and I decided to do it next year. But my better half secretly booked
the restaurant reservation for my birthday (9/1) and thus this trip began.

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Coldwater Peak / August 31, 2013


Trail starts at the east end of the Johnston Ridge Visitors Center parking lot. Need a USFS permit to park there. Trail is good most of the way and there is information on the hike here. You can actually see the peak from the trailhead and the majority of the trail is out in the open so make sure you bring sunscreen. Bring plenty of water as there is none along the trail. The hardest part is the last 3/4 mile which is steep climbing with switchbacks. Ran into lots of people along the trail but only 3-4 back towards the peak.

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Elephant Mtn, WA | August 2013


Elephant Mountain - interesting name for a small peak in central Washington, not too far from Yakima. For the right vehicle it might be a drive up - our rental car found the steep road to be a bit much and we hiked the rest of the way to the summit.

We climbed a little less than a mile and 500 feet to the top and then perhaps 50 yards farther east. The views once past the repeater sites are excellent and if you are thoughtful about supporting your antenna using a small shrub, you are set.

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SOTA Activation: Mount Langley, Inyo County, California - August 14, 2013 - "Sunshine, Blue Sky & Endless Granite"


Activation of Mount Langley, 14,042 feet, High Sierra's of California, Inyo County.  Sunshine, blue sky & endless granite...but with a little price to pay.

 The Hike (Scramble) is 4.75 miles south - southeast of Mount Whitney, California, and 9.5 miles southwest of the town of Lone Pine, California. This was a father / son outing with my 28 year old son, who lives in the Los Angeles suburb of Sherman Oaks (sea level), and I, a 62 year old who resides in Bellevue, Washington, at the high altitude of 728 feet.

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First SOTA Activation: Cirque Peak, Inyo County, California - August 13, 2013 - "Sunshine, Blue Sky & Endless Granite"


First Activation of Cirque Peak, 12,900 feet, High Sierra's of California, Inyo County.  Sunshine, blue sky & endless granite...but with a little price to pay.