Shady Trail

Decent tree cover for most of the trail
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Pistol Butte, OR | June 2022


Short but challenging road hike. Summer is very accessible, winter may require longer snowshoe/ski as roads are closed in winter.

Full writeup  here

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Pinochle Peak, OR | May 2021


I received some pointers from Anne, K7AHR, they were crucial to getting there as the map and mapping software suggested turning up the west bank of the Salmonberry River. That road is replete with no trespassing signs.

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Cedar Mtn, ID | April 2022


Cedar Mtn is located 25 miles South of Pocatello ID.  From Pocatello take I-15 to the Arimo ext.40. Then proceed West on Arimo Rd until you come to South Robin road. Take a left on S.Robin Rd until you come to W.Sublett Rd. Take a right, the summit will be in front of you and go west until you see a "Sportsman's Access Road, No Motorized Vehicles Beyond This Point". Hike on this double track until you reach the BLM boundary. The double track will take you to the top of a saddle. Here you will need to bushwhack about a half mile north to the activation zone.

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Mount McLoughlin, OR | Feb 2022 (Winter Route)


A friend from Eugene wanted to hit Mount McLoughlin in the winter and despite the drive distance from Beaverton, it looked like too beautiful a mountain to pass up. After picking up rental snowshoes from REI in Medford I made it to the Summit Sno-Park TH at sunset. Casey arrived shortly after and we made some quick dinner on our backpacking stoves then turned in for the night. 

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Marys Peak, Oregon (via East Ridge Trail) | Feb 2022


We were down in Philomath, OR and decided to check out Marys Peak while we were in the area. I know Marys is thought of as a mostly drive up, but I found a popular hike from lower down on the mountain. The East Ridge trailhead "Connor's Camp" has nice parking and a pit toilet. It is a fee site, so you'll need your forest pass or $5 to fill out a permit. 

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Wickiup Mountain, OR | November, 2021


Wickiup Mountain is a summit on the edge of Astoria's Bear Creek Watershed, from which they draw their water, as well as an active radio site. As such, access from the south is gated, and road access from the north stops just shy of the summit. What followed is one of the thickest, roughest bushwhacks, mile for mile, of my SOTA career, but it was nice to tick this one off the list. If you route find a little better than I do, you might have a better time, and if you hit it earlier in the year, the die-back of the brush might benefit you.

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Surveyor Mountain, OR Dec 2021


I have done Surveyor a couple times. The first time I had my closest experience with a bear as one started climbing up the very rocky summit ridge as I took a selfie on top, not seeing her below! I think it was a mama and a young one may have been in a den in the rocks that she pushed out that came around the ridge to where we were. It was quite an experience and I was glad I was not alone. Maggie treed the young bear which added to the excitement. It also could have only been one bear, hard to tell size of them all when caught off guard!

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Lake Mountain, OR Dec 2021


Lake mountain has been on my list for quite a while but for some reason I had the impression it was going to be much harder.  I was waiting to do it with a partner for safety reasons but it ended up being a great day of just me and Maggie. It is a steep mountain but most of it is either trailed or open meadow until you get towards the very top. I made the mistake of going straight up not looking at my GPS satellite images and got very tangled up in the manzanita and buck brush. This is definitely not Maggie's favorite way to hike, sometimes refusing.

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W7O/SC-214, OR Dec 2021


W7O/SC-214 was a nice little mountain that I did after Holcomb Peak. Basically you drive past Holcomb peak a bit SE and it's pretty self explanatory of where to go. You'll take a small spur road and depends on your vehicle how close you can get. You can park in some large pullouts just a little ways up the road or jeep it another 1/4mi or so. Depends on how much pinstriping you're looking for, it gets narrow with sharp manzanita and no easy turnaround.