Shady Trail

Decent tree cover for most of the trail
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Elephant Mountain, OR | July 2022


This was another summit I activated with my Dad while staying at Lemolo Lake KOA.

NOTE: This one has a final section that could be hazardous to your vehicle's paint job.  The last segment after the turn off is a bit overgrown. 

To start with we turned off NF-2610 from the KOA and went up NF-200 until the unnamed logging road at (43.298183, -122.229812) and continued west on to the spur road.

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Basket Butte, OR | July 2022


NOTE: did I mention how many mosquitos this summit has?

I worked this summit with my Dad while staying at Lemolo Lake KOA.

The climb is very straightforward but I would bring a bug screen as they were alerted to our presence and followed us up the whole way.  Once we killed off all the brave ones and we cooled off, it settled down to a reasonable experience.

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Round Top, OR | July 2022


Round Top is a nice mostly drive up activation. Being me, I had to do it the hard way: Mountainbiking from Gale's Creek Campground. It is an 18 mile round trip ride with ~3000' elevation gain. 

I recommend doing some stretches or warmups before heading out because the hardest part of this ride is the first few miles: steep trail that gets the blood moving. Overall the trail is a singletrack and mostly follows the creek through the forest. Not much for views, but there are the occasional waterfall and views of Gale's Creek. 

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Muttonchop Butte, OR | July 2022


Muttonchop Butte, Oregon is west of the intersection of Highway 58 and Highway 97. The bushwack from the north was not pleasant, see if you can find the trail that leads to 0.5 mile west of the Quarry OHV area. Take Highway 58 4.2 miles from Highway 97 and turn left onto Road 5825.

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Cady Mt, There is another way!


Cady Mountain, W7W/RS-084 has been on my radar for a while. My wife's family owns a home in Friday Harbor so I have always wanted to activate this summit. I was bummed by ATN's report that it would be difficult to activate from the south side because of private property, so I did not think I could. I arrived here on Saturday and I started looking at GAIA GPS. I could see there was public property owned by the San Juan County Land Bank to the north of the summit that was still in the AZ. I could see a hiking trail just below it. I decided to give it a try.

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Pistol Butte, OR | June 2022


Short but challenging road hike. Summer is very accessible, winter may require longer snowshoe/ski as roads are closed in winter.

Full writeup  here

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Pinochle Peak, OR | May 2021


I received some pointers from Anne, K7AHR, they were crucial to getting there as the map and mapping software suggested turning up the west bank of the Salmonberry River. That road is replete with no trespassing signs.

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Cedar Mtn, ID | April 2022


Cedar Mountain is now gated and locked. You must have permission from land owner to access BLM land.

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Mount McLoughlin, OR | Feb 2022 (Winter Route)


A friend from Eugene wanted to hit Mount McLoughlin in the winter and despite the drive distance from Beaverton, it looked like too beautiful a mountain to pass up. After picking up rental snowshoes from REI in Medford I made it to the Summit Sno-Park TH at sunset. Casey arrived shortly after and we made some quick dinner on our backpacking stoves then turned in for the night.