Shady Trail

Decent tree cover for most of the trail
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Rock Butte, OR | October 2016


Rock Butte is a short bushwhack with no views or other redeeming qualities in the Activation Zone. It's just past Timothy Lake east of Mount Hood.

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Haystack Mountain, MT | Oct., 2016


(2.8 miles, +2,200 feet)

Haystack Mountain is a nice hike up a well-maintained trail.  The summit is a large rockpile that has the scattered remains of an old fire lookout (“L-4” type lookout constructed in 1936 & destroyed on 1977).  Although there is room to setup on the summit rockpile, there is a more comfortable flat area about 20-feet below the summit that is well within the activation zone.  The trail may be accessed as follows:


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Mount Pisgah, OR | October 2016


Mount Pisgah is a 'near' urban summit just east of Eugene. It is known as Mount Pisgah Arboretum and as the Howard Burford Recreation Area. It's a short 1.5 miles, but steep with 1050 feet of elevation gain from the parking lot to the summit. It features some of the last remaining oak savanna that once dominated the Willamette Valley and the summit has good views. 

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An Easy one in Southern Oregon


Fielder Mountain, near Rogue River, Oregon is a relatively easy trip.  The driving portion is only about 30 minutes from its start, the corner of West Evans Creek Road and Fielder Creek Road in unicorporated Jackson County, Oregon.  Follow the road to the yellow gate, park, and walk the last mile or so to the peak.  There are several large commercial communications sites, including cellular, VHF/UHF, microwave and FM broadcast (though I  believe it's a translator, not a full-power FM).  I noticed inteference only once, on 18 mHz.

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SOTA Activation: Waterman Mountain, Los Angeles County, California - September 29, 2016


One of the nicest hikes in the San Gabriel Mountains, Waterman Mountain is certainly worthy of repeat SOTA Activations, and this was our third time in about 2 years.  Being graced with a very reasonable access, well graded trail and magnificent specimens of Incense Cedar (see:  ) and Ponderosa Pine (see:  ) it’s a wonderful and popular SOTA objective.  The trail is 6 + miles RT, with 1,200 feet elevation gain.  The summit area is lightly treed, but still has views if you search them out.

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First SOTA Activation: Sky Mountain, King County / Chelan County (on the dividing line), Washington - September 16, 2016


Sky Mountain is a high point on the ridge directly across US Highway 2 from Stevens Pass Ski Resort.  The summit is at Point 5,482 feet, and is not actually named on the USGS topo maps. Sky Mountain hike/scramble is only about 5 miles RT, and 1,700 feet elevation gain.  Despite the relatively short distance and modest elevation gain, this scramble is not trivial.  Tim, KG7EJT, tried it in winter, but turned back due to weather and avalanche hazard.  So now we returned for a joint Activation in the last week of summer 2016 for what turned out to be the "The Great Tarzan Traverse" route variant. 

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Buzzard Butte, OR | August 2016


[Left this in draft form too long, time to attach pictures and publish]

After a failed summit attempt the previous day, I was able to summit Buzzard Butte and make an activation. Although I was only able to make 2 contacts, I enjoyed the activity (first activation for this summit!) and look forward to future activations.

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Miller Mountain, Sept 9, 2016


In the last few years, I've developed a desire to activate the top 10 summits in the
Willamette Valley region. Miller Mountain is in that list but I've put it off because
its so far from the valley. Its located in south-central Oregon, closest to the town
of Chemult. I guess the placement algorithm treated it like a lost sock that you can't
throw away but you're not sure where to put it.

My approach to Miller Mt. was to take US Hwy 97 south towards Chemult, Oregon. About
0.5 mile north of Chemult, FS 9772 heads west. This road is also marked "Walt Haring

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Mount Bailey, OR | September 2016


Mount Bailey near Diamond Lake is a great hike to fantastic views but
it requires some effort to get those views - about 10 miles round trip

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Bunker Hill, OR | September 2016


Here's another summit in the Diamond Lake area to activate if you have a few hours to spare - it's a short hike, but there's no trail. And note that there are three Oregon summits with this same name.