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Peak 2140, OR "Back-up Plan" | Nov 2013


Along Highway 22 between Salem and Detroit there is an easy drive-up summit. The road is passable (with some care) in a passenger car. This summit could be a  back up plan when nearby Rocky Top can't be accessed due to snow.

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Parrett Mtn, OR | January 2012


Here's another suburban SOTA summit with little to offer but a narrow road shoulder for activation space.

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Cornell Mtn, OR | January 2014


Here is an urban 'pavement' activation - the closest one to downtown Portland. The summit proper for Cornell Mountain is on private property with the Activation Zone accessible from a neighborhood street with no shoulders.

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Peak 4925, OR | Feb 2014


A fairly short hike near Mt. Hood gets you two points - in the summer this activation may be a bit easier - it was too much post-holing in snow (past my knees!) in February.

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Wanderers Peak, OR | Dec 2013


A near "drive-up" two-point summit in the Clackamas River drainage with good views. This area is likely busy in the summer but it was mostly quiet on this December day.

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Awbrey Butte, OR | Feb 2014


Awbrey Butte is a summit in suburban Bend, Oregon.

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Leisurely stroll


Longwire mnt. 2012-07-15 CN96jv50

Quickly, after Old Scab I activate this plateau as well. So far the most-most easiest "hike", or more like a walk in a park. Driving only a mile further up from Old Scab trailhead I reach the top of the mountain. Here is a big open space. Park the car in the shade and start to collect this giveaway six point.

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Announcement: Major Events for 2014

Yes, yes, I know it's a bit early but here's the three and a half major 2014 NA SOTA events for folks who need to orchestrate travel time around summer family vacations, etc.

1)  International SOTA Weekend:   The 3-4th of May this year.  Many European Activators and Chasers will be active so it's a great opportunity for "across the pond" SOTA activity.

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View Benchmark, UT | January 2014


A pleasant activation nearly any time of year near Draper, Utah.

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Activation of Thomas Cairn 1.20.2014


I had been wondering about the peak Thomas Cairn for awhile after
elk hunting in the Snow Peak area in Linn county this year. Although
it was not eligible for winter points, I just had to get up there
and see what it looked like up close.

Thomas Cairn is in an remote part of Linn county closest to the
town of Scio. I got there by first going to Scio then taking Oregon
226, 6.75 miles to the Camp Morrison Road. This turnoff is easily
identifiable by the Hannah covered bridge there.

Follow Morrison Camp road for 4.7 miles to a unmarked, nondescript