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Trail contains no technical obstacles
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Peak 740, OR (Lost Dog Hill) | December 2019


Here's one of the closest "near" drive-up summits there can be - a few steps away from the car into the woods brings you into the Activation Zone. This is a very much out of the way summit, along Highway 101 on the Oregon Coast, about 14 miles north of Bandon. Note that there are other Peak 740 in Oregon - make sure this one is your intended peak.

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Wildcat Mountain, OR | December 2019


There are three Wildcat Mountains in Oregon, so be sure you want the North Coast version south of Highway 26. The road to the trailhead is short and easy in any passenger vehicle, there's a good spot to park, and summit is in the Tillamook Forest, although the shortest access crosses private timberland. The hike is about 1.5 miles one way, and 400 vertical feet gain. This description I consider the 'no bushwack' version.

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Cornell Mountain, Oregon. 02/12/2019


Cornell Mountain, Portland Oregon. W7O/WV-090

Easy parking on Penridge Rd. Definitely a pavement activation. Quiet neighborhood with plenty of folks walking their doggos. I really wanted to throw a wire up and work CW but didnt see a spot that wasn't private property.

 So out came the Yaesu FT-60.

 146.520 worked well for me and I made 4 contacts relatively quick and easy which was nice because I really didn't want to disturb or raise any suspicions with the fine folks from the neighborhood that were out and about with their dogs. 

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Wahatis Peak, WA | Nov 2019


Whatatis Peak is directly North of the Hanford Reach National Monument. From Richland WA to the summit is just over 61 miles. You can drive very close to the summit, only the last little 1/4 mile kick up to the top peak is really treacherous. There is good parking at serveral locations off the access road to pull over to complete the summit on foot. I did a 2.5 mile hike to the top.

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Bald Peak, Oregon. November 2019


I activated my first SOTA summit here. Nice views and plenty of tall trees for your wire antenna. Parking is great. Plenty of room along with several picnic tables. Restroom facilities were available and clean. 

 Highly recommend for your first SOTA Summit.


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Mt Carrie, WA 11-2019


Nov 2, 2019 was the perfect day for climbing Mt. Carrie. The weather was cool and clear. Some snow up above Heart lake, but the Cat Walk (the unmaintained trail and scramble east of Heart Lake) was free of snow. That area would be very challenging with snow, and an ice axe and crampons would be a must. 

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Big Butte, WA | May 2019


I like big buttes, and I can not lie...  Tongue Out

I don't have much to add that K7NIT didn't already cover in her excellent report.

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Hawk Mountain - August 2019


Hawk Mountain was an easy 1 hour hike to a summit with great views of Mt Jefferson and further south. The trail is well maintaned and there were Huckleberries galore that may delay your QRV. 

Take forest road 46 (paved) to forest road 6350 and 6355 west to the trail head at 44.84062, -121.94718. Forest road 6350 is a well graded gravel road that is rated "Prius-able". The Hike is 2 miles each way with an elevation gain of 789'.

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3780 Top Loaded Mountain - July 6, 2019


3780 Top Loaded Mountain is an easy 4 point summit in Washington. I was able to activate this summit while out camping with my family at nearby Chehalis RV and Camping Resort. Looking for summits nearby to activate using my SOTA Spotter app 3780 Top Loaded Mountain and Rooster Rock showed up and both had been activated already. Usually that's a good sign that there is a good way to the summit.

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Rooster Rock - July 6, 2019


Rooster Rock is an easy 4 point summit in Washington.  I was able to activate Rooster Rock while out camping with my family at nearby Chehalis RV and Camping Resort.  Looking for summits nearby to activate using my SOTA Spotter app Rooster Rock and 3780 Top Loaded Mountain showed up and both had been activated already.  Usually that's a good sign that there is a good way to the summit.