Easy Trail

Trail contains no technical obstacles
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Round Butte, OR | May 2022


On a recent trip over to eastern Oregon, I had the opportunity to stop in Madras and a nearby summit Round Butte (W7O/CN-074) beckoned.  The directions from Google Maps led me up the approach from the north which turns onto a dirt road.  It is drivable in good, dry conditions but if you are at all worried there is another approach by continuing on west and around which finally climbs from the south.  That road is paved all the way to the top.  The paving is crumbling in places but still drivable.

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Pinochle Peak, OR | May 2021


I received some pointers from Anne, K7AHR, they were crucial to getting there as the map and mapping software suggested turning up the west bank of the Salmonberry River. That road is replete with no trespassing signs.

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2180 (aka Battle Ridge), OR | May 2022


I had planned to activate a few summits before helping with the Tillamook Burn 100 Miler race but it was cancelled and I had already made the overnight reservations so I decided to activate my way back from Cape Lookout to Portland via Blaine Rd / Nestucca Rd.

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Cedar Mtn, ID | April 2022


Cedar Mtn is located 25 miles South of Pocatello ID.  From Pocatello take I-15 to the Arimo ext.40. Then proceed West on Arimo Rd until you come to South Robin road. Take a left on S.Robin Rd until you come to W.Sublett Rd. Take a right, the summit will be in front of you and go west until you see a "Sportsman's Access Road, No Motorized Vehicles Beyond This Point". Hike on this double track until you reach the BLM boundary. The double track will take you to the top of a saddle. Here you will need to bushwhack about a half mile north to the activation zone.

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Lava Butte, OR | Mar 2022


On the 3rd day of our Bend trip, I got dropped off at the Lava Butte Visitor Center while my wife and kids sped off to the Bend High Desert Museum.  The hike to the top was on a very nice, paved road for 1.75 miles.  I made it up in an hour and looked around the lower level of the firewatch tower on the summit and the surrounding views.

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Pringle Butte, OR | Mar 2022


Following my activation of Wampus Butte (W7O/CM-095), I proceeded to the next stop on Pringle Butte.  It's only a couple miles drive to there and the summit is almost a drive up.  Google Maps gave excellent directions to the summit and I probably could have driven all the way but on the last turn up to the top there is a little bit of a washout and I decided to just hike the last 0.4 miles.  The summit has a large flat area with a turnaround.  It would likely be a nice overnight camping area though there don't appear to be any established campsites.

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Tumalo Mountain, OR by snowshoe | Mar 2022


On the second day of our Bend trip, I got up early and drove up to Dutchman Flat Sno-Park just across the road from Mt Bachelor skiing.  There were a few remaining parking spaces and some snowmobilers unloading.  I started up the snowtrack over by the restrooms.  At some point, the GPS points up hill and you pick out a likely set of ski or snowshow tracks and follow it uphill.  Eventually, they all seem to lead to the summit.  There are a few orange no-motorized area signs towards the top but those were the only markers visible in the forest.  I ran across a fe

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Agency Hill, OR March 2022


If ever in the area I highly recommend detouring up to Agency Hill. The mountain itself recently burned in the 2-4-2 Fire but the view from above is amazing. You look down at Crooked Creek, a winding creek in the basin that eventually gets to Agency Lake. Upper Klamath, Shasta, Mountain Lakes caldera, Crater Lake rim, McLoughlin, Pelican. You can see so much. This whole area has a lot to offer. Lots of eye candy! High clearance vehicle recommended. Follow any map straight up to summit. Plenty of area to set up but you may get a little sooty and it can be dusty.

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Tom Dick Harry Mt, OR - the Easy Way| March 2020


In looking for my next winter activation, I came across Tom Dick and Harry (W7O/CN-032) which is on the upper portion of SkiBowl West.

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Fox Peak, WA | Feb 2022


We did this summit as a winter snowmobile trip with Cooper Mtn. and Poison Peak.

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