Easy Trail

Trail contains no technical obstacles
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Thompson Peak, Montana July 18, 2020


This looked like a simple drive-to peak from the topo maps. However 1.25 miles from the summit I encountered a Forest Service gate blocking the road so I walked the remaining easy road to the summit. The views are excellent but the presence of large communication towers ruined any attempt I had at getting out a signal. I'm currently just using an 5 watt handheld on 146.52 FM voice. I've connected in this way up to 50 miles in the past. I had K7VK waiting to hear from me in Missoula and although I could hear him clearly, he could not hear me.

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Patricks Knob, Montana - July 9, 2020


This is an easy drive-to summit on Forest Service roads. See link below for map of route. It will take you approximately one hour from downtown Plains, Montana to get to the summit. Four wheel drive not needed. The only downside are the large communication towers that will interfere with your transmitting. I found that if you drive to the far side of the loop road and get the towers out of sight, you can get a good signal to and from Missoula and up to Whitefish. Let me know when you plan to activate this easy one and I'll chase you as I live in Plains.

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Red Mountain


"Trailhead" for Red Mountain has been moved. Etienne's trip report is here. Follow his directions but now drive Road 6048 to 45.91931, -121.824128 to the gate. There's a spot for 2 cars, maybe 3 or more if others agree to let their car be blocked in. Less hiking now. Or you can still opt to park at the old trailhead. 

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West Soda Peaks JULY 1, 2020


West Soda Peaks is a nice hike. Probably better when it's not raining.

Guy, N7UN has provided access info HERE. I just wanted to add a little to it.


From Portland take I-84 to Bridge of the Gods.  Toll is $2. 

Cross the bridge and turn right onto WA-14. 

Travel to Wind River HWY and turn left.

Turn left onto Hemlock

Turn right onto Little Soda Springs Rd/Szydlo Rd

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An [East] Tiger Mountain Sunday (2020-06-28)


Hike in started from the Tiger Summit Trailhead (just up the access road from the bigger lot along the west side of SR-18. Discover Pass Required.  Lot was about 60% full w/ maybe a dozen people (mostly mountain bikers) in and around their cars.

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Montana - Sweeney Peak 26 September 2018


Spectacular peaks of the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness are in view from this summit.  September visits are rewarded with brilliant yellow to orange needled alpine larch, a deciduous high elevation conifer and many times snowfall. 

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Bare Mountain, WA | June 2020


Bare Mountain is an easy bushwhack up from a decent-quality dirt road. There are several approaches, but this one is by far the easiest - and may have once been a trail to the summit. I recommend GPS, as there is no defined trail and coming down it is hard to follow your own tracks - though if you stay east of the original tracks you will still come out on the road. I could probably make it down NF-311 in a sedan. We walked from the pull-off on NF-311.

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Wilderness Peak, WA | June 2020


After two previous attempts I finally made my first SOTA Contacts. 

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Pelican Butte, OR June 2020


I have to say, this summit is now at the top of my list. I went expecting an easy drive to 8 pt summit, but there was still about 3-5 ft deep snow drifts about 1 mile before summiting, but boy was the hike nice. The view is incredible. You can see just about all the regional highlights, snowy side of Mt. McLauglin with Fourmile Lake at its base right beside you, Crater Lake Rim, Thielson, Shasta, Upper Klamath Lake, Siskiyou Crest, Red Buttes, Aspen Butte, some big ones west of Crater Lake I did not get the name for, lava flows, and natural lakes.