Easy Trail

Trail contains no technical obstacles
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Big Red Mountain, OR July 2019


Big Red is one of several mountains along the Siskiyou Divide. From road 40S29, the hike is relatively easy, starting through the timber and then it opens up to a short climb to the top. I did not keep track of details but my memory guestimates a fairly easy 1/2 mi hike, about 200' gain, Big Red has fascinating rock and crystal formation on it. Abundance of wildflowers in early summer. So lots of rock, a few trees on top for setting up and no interference.

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First SOTA Activation: Park Benchmark, Summit County (On Dividing Line with Wasatch County), Utah - March 4, 2020


On March 4, 2020, I accomplished the first SOTA Activation of Park Benchmark, Utah.  While researching the vicinity of Park City, Utah, for a downhill ski trip, I was very surprised to learn that this easy to climb peak had not been Activated before.  Park Benchmark, W7U/SM-042, has an elevation of 9,363 feet, and fantastic 360 degree views of the mighty Wasatch and Western Uinta Mountain Ranges.

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Cougar Mountain, OR | Feb 2020


Cougar Mountain is an easy drive up near Seaside, OR. Or is it?

The conundrum comes because of two gates. Both were open when I went up, neither had signs, not even the seemingly mandatory warning about closing at any time. I rolled the dice this time, but now that I know what's up there I'll bring a bike if I come back.

Here are the directions which work regardless of your mode of transport. That includes the carefully driven passenger car, although this route had less than the normal amount of potholes, so not so carefully? Watch out for log trucks anyway.

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Skagit Gadget, WA | February 2020


Skagit Gadget is a 1-point summit, located within ~20 minutes of I-5 in Skagit County.  Some of the area has been logged, and it is a 4 mile road hike with ~700 ft of gain.  Both times I've actived as a second summit for the day, and was thankful to squeeze in enough vhf contacts before a new UTC day rollover.  Trees are starting to grow near the summit activation area, but there are some views at summit...and more views hiking up.  


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Burnaby Mountain, BC | FEB 2020


You are in Vancouver for a short time, and want to activate a summit. Where to go? Burnaby Mountain!!

Burnaby Mountain Park is located just 30 mins east of downtown Vancover BC. The park offers scenic views, hiking trails, sculptures, and gardens. It also happens to be an easy 1 point SOTA summit! It might be the easiest summit in Canada, eh? Most importantly it offers great views and interesting sculpture to keep your significant other / non-ham friends busy while you play radio.

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PEAK 1380, OR | FEB 2020


Here is an easy drive up near Cole Mountain. Unpaved roads are good gravel with a few pot holes here and there. Should be alright in any vehicle as of this writing. My Garmin gps and google maps were worthless finding this summit. So here is my attempt to make it easier for the next activator.

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Peak 1093, OR (Eagle Crest) | February 2020


Here's an unremarkable drive-up summit in the mid-Willamette Valley west of Salem.

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Cole Mountain, OR | January 2020


Cole Mountain is a drive-up in the Coast Range south of Highway 26 off of Highway 53. The road is passable in any passenger car and it's a radio quiet spot.

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Peak 1700, OR | January 2020


We might call this Peterson Summit rather than Peak 1700 - it's a drive-up in the Coast Range about 20 miles north of Tillamook and 20 miles south of Cannon Beach. The road is totally "Prius-able" (passable in a passenger car).

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Mount Humbug, MT| June, 2019


0.2 mi, +190 feet