Exposed Summit

Summit is exposed to wind, rain, sun (and good views)
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Idaho Oct 2020 / Summit 7081


This summit is located South of Pocatello Idaho. Take Bannock Highway through town and turn at Gibson Jack Rd. The Trailhead is approx 3 miles on paved road. Once at the Gibson Jack TH take either trail 7015 which is a steep, exposed motorized trail...I would only take a dirt bike or 4 wheeler due to the condition of the trail or you can take single track non-motorized trail number 7014 which is longer but less exposed. I generally choose to hike the motorized trail due to time constraints.

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Peak 2020, OR | August 2020


Peak 2020 is relatively easy-to-access summit near the city of Tillamook on BLM land. It's nearly or fully drive up depending on your transport. From the look of the area, it's probably a known go-to spot for offroaders and hunters in the local forest who want a good view and a place for an evening fire.

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Sula Peak, Montana | 16May2020


At less than 4 miles of good road off Highway 93, Sula Peak is a popular ‘travelers’ summit for drive-up VHF DN25/DN35 and SOTA activations.  A modern US Forest lookout and a communications facility occupy the summit.  Frequently there are bighorn sheep grazing in the area and especially in the spring on the highway. 

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Giveout Mountain, OR | October 2020


Giveout Mountain's summit can be reached by car or truck on generally good logging roads. Portions of the drive up are steep and narrow; I recommend 4WD. There is recent evidence of a shooting range on the summit. During my visit several groups scouted the area and there were at least a dozen such ranges set up in the vicinity. I imagine that arriving in the late morning on a weekend day may lead to disappointment.

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Elk Point, Montana | 16May2020


We selected the southern route for Elk Point.  This southern route allows for a double activation with Sula Peak W7M/RC-138. This mostly open-ridgeline route has good views of distant Bitterroot Mountains, Anaconda Pintler Mountains and closer views of the Sapphire Mountains

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Montana - Bald Hill 26March2020


Bald hill isn’t really bald.  It is a fine grassland on its south exposure, but is tree covered on the remaining west, north and east exposures.  Access is available any time of year, albeit steep.  It is prime winter range for 50-100 elk each year so avoiding December through February could prevent disturbing the elk.

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Montana - Petty Mountain 25September2019


You are entering bighorn sheep range in this summit’s area.  Two trail options are available.  Both are great trail hikes all the way to the summit.  The dry environment of this area makes it a good early Spring or late Fall season hike.  Wind can be challenging on the upper grassland

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East Crater, WA | September 2020


East Crater is a peak in the Indian Heaven wilderness. Three years ago, the south side and ridgeline of East Crater were completely burned by a fire that ended up burning about 500 acres in the area, and this fire caused the evacuation of the entire Indian Heaven wilderness area in September of 2017. Not much has grown back on the south side, while the north side, essentially untouched by the fire, is thick with trees.

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Pueblo Mountain | Sep 2020


Pueblo Mountain with 4x4.

Turn off of the Fields-Denio Road at 42.1447, -118.6038.

Make a sharp left at 42.1346, -118.6350.

Stop driving a start walking at 42.0996, -118.6686.

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Montana - Mount Tiny 4September2019


Mount Tiny is within the Anaconda Pintler Wilderness Area near Georgetown Lake.  Mount Tiny is a great SOTA double with its neighbor Little Rainbow Mountain, W7M/BR-071.