Exposed Trail

Mostly exposed (to sun, wind, etc) trail
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W7O/SC-214, OR Dec 2021


W7O/SC-214 was a nice little mountain that I did after Holcomb Peak. Basically you drive past Holcomb peak a bit SE and it's pretty self explanatory of where to go. You'll take a small spur road and depends on your vehicle how close you can get. You can park in some large pullouts just a little ways up the road or jeep it another 1/4mi or so. Depends on how much pinstriping you're looking for, it gets narrow with sharp manzanita and no easy turnaround. 

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Rock Candy Mountain, Montana - 30 August 2021


Rock Candy Mountain is an old US Forest Service Lookout site. The summit views are great with cliff cirque basins full of chipmunks, golden-mantle squirrels and chirping pikas, and distant high peaks of the Cabinets Mountains to the south, the Selkirk Mountains to the west and into Canada to the North.

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Tenas Mountain, WA | Nov 2021


I completed the first activation of Tenas Mountain today. The hike I took and the peak itself are both located within Indian Dan State Wildlife Recreation Area. My route is about a 4 mile round trip with 1000 feet of elevation gain. I parked at the parking area at (48.11129,-119.86790). A Discover Pass is required. The last two miles of the drive was on a dirt road, but it was in excellent condition. From the parking area, I hiked along an old double track road towards the summit. It's easily visible from aerial imagery.

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Ice Cave Mountain, WA | Nov 2021


Ice Cave Mountain (Peak 2220) is a moderate hike that requires some route finding, with no established trail. Parking is along the shoulder of a paved road at an elevation of 1350 feet. I estimate that the hike is about 1.5-2 miles round trip, with about 900 feet of elevation gain. The peak and the approach are all on public land.

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Whisky Peak, OR Oct 2021


Whisky is a fun hike up a rocky trail to where there used to be a lookout and still are remnants of it and other buildings including the outhouse. I had never seen a lookout built so close to the edges of the mountain. Two sides of the foundation basically came to the edge that to get to the far side of the lookout you would have to go through it when it was standing. Some of the best views of Red Buttes and the wilderness, and beyond. 360 view.It was very windy when I was there so I set up a little below, near a pile of rubble for a bit more elbow room.

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South Sister | September 2021


9/25/2021 had a favorable weather forecast and also happened to line up with the first weekend where permits are no longer required. Casey (non-ham) drove out from Eugene and met me at the Devils Lake trailhead at 10pm (9/24). We slept a couple hours and started the climb at 2:10am. 

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Timbered Peak, WA | September 2021


This is almost a drive-up, with a 200-ft scramble through what is currently totally-burnt forest. In a few years, this will probably be thick low trees. Drive as in my report of nearby Sister Rocks, but turn north onto NF-6406 to NF-214, which leads almost to the summit. All of these roads are passable to the average passenger car. Park at the end of the road, and head west up the slope. The route is steep and the soil is especially loose because of the burn, but you can get up it with care.

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Calamity Peak, WA | September, 2021


Calamity Peak is a road walk or drive with a short bushwhack portion. Take Wind River Road north through Carson, WA. Turn west onto Hemlock and then north on Szydlo, which turns into NF-54. Follow NF-54 to the junction by the Soda Lakes trailhead, then go straight (rather than bearing left) to continue on 5407 to the junction with NF 324. Google Maps also gives good directions to this junction, 45.9118, -122.0982.

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Peak 3340 (Picture Point), OR | Sep 21


This peak is the quintessential reason I do SOTA. It is a nice hike to a scenic summit that I never would have visited without the activating imperative.

It is located near Dayville a mile or so west of the US-26 and OR-19 junction. It is part of the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument.

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Sentinel Peak, OR | August 2021


Unless you're in extremely good shape (or just crazy) Sentinel Peak should be done as a backpack trip. The best way to activate is to hike to Aneroid Lake along the E Fork Wallowa Lake Trail (1804) starting at the Wallowa Lake TH. 

To get to the Wallowa Lake TH drive to Joseph, OR and continue South on hwy 351/Powerhouse Rd. Once near the southern end of the lake take a left to stay on Powerhouse Road and follow it to the end. Parking is free and you do not need a NW Forest Pass for this TH.