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Mostly exposed (to sun, wind, etc) trail
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Upper Table Rock, OR | Nov 2017


Upper Table Rock is a very pleasant 1.25 mile, 736 foot gain (one-way) hike east of Central Point, Oregon. The trail is quite popular, but you should easily find a place to activate away from the crowds on the huge summit.

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Montana - Mineral Hill - Scapegoat Wilderness 4Aug2016


Mineral Hill is scenic 8383’ open rock and high elevation tundra appearing summit on the boundary of the Scapegoat Wilderness. Normal scrambling/trail gear including bear spray is recommended. There are two main trail routes to access Mineral Hill. One from the west fords the North Fork Blackfoot River and the other from the south jumps across small streams.

Trail Miles: 8 Miles one way.  Elevation Gain: 3700’.  Difficulty: Good climbing trail, Challenging river crossing, Short easy 0.25 mile scramble to the summit.    Map:  US Forest Service, Seeley Lake Ranger District

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NS7P activation of Table Rock near Silver Lake, OR on September 29, 2017


Table Rock, near Silver Lake, OR, is a distinctive flat topped butte that is visible for many miles away. It is a four point summit at 5621’ asl, that can be a drive up if you have a high clearance, 4x4 vehicle and some nerve. Its south central OR location is fairly remote, but I think it is worth the drive. My XYL, Christina, did most of the driving.

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Green Mountain, Oregon


I read up on K7ATN's activation from 2015 and spent a fair amount of time looking at the maps.  It seemed like there was an easier way to the summit than the highly rutted road that he had taken.  Sure enough, there are good roads all the way to the bottom of the approach.

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Huckleberry Mountain near Oakridge, OR - NS7P


Huckleberry Mountain and its lookout is well known and for very good reasons. The catwalk around the elevated lookout offers wonderful, 360 degree views. All of the major snow capped peaks from Mt Hood to Thielsen and McLoughlin are visible. In addition, detailed views down into the nearby foothills are there for our enjoyment. The lookout makes a great place to do radio.

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First SOTA Activation: Tibbetts Mountain - Chelan County, Washington - April 29, 2017


A bit of research showed several gems waiting to be Activated, while the high country is still buried in deep, unstable snow.  Tibbetts Mountain is a 4 point SOTA Summit, of a modest 4,115 feet elevation.  It has a fantastic vantage point, overlooking the beautiful Wenatchee River Valley, the City of Wenatchee, and several towns lying along SR 2, the major east / west highway connecting western and eastern Washington State.  We opted for the more reasonable north approach, which is mainly a very steep forest service road, with about 1/4 mile of easy off road climb along the summit ridge.  The total distance is 6.2 miles RT, with approximately 1,850 feet elvation gain.  A bonus was that the apple orchards in the Wenatchee River Valley were in full bloom, and the mountain flower were awaking from winter slumber.

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SOTA Activation: Monument Peak, Alpine County / El Dorado County, California - August 16, 2016


On a family vacation to the Lake Tahoe Basin in Nevada and California, I was fortunate enough to Activate 4 peaks in 3 days.  This is a description of the Monument Peak Activation.  Monument Peak is a 10,067 foot / 3,068 meter high, 8 Point SOTA Summit, which is the apex of Heavenly Ski Resort.  It has been activated in winter, via ski lifts and skis, and in summer via trails.  This was my second time ascending the peak, the first being in 2009, well before I got into SOTA." src="file:///C:/Users/Mark/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image001.gif">

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Schreiner Peak Activation, Oct 22, 2016


Let's just get this out of the way. Schreiner Peak is a beast. On the web you
can read many accounts of how difficult reaching this peak is. They're true.

Getting to the trailhead for Schreiner Peak is straight forward. I suggest you
follow Etienne's (K7ATN) excellent directions to reach the Pansy Mountain
trailhead. Specifically, you need to get to the Pansy Lake Trail #551.

Hike up the Pansy Lake Trail. You will pass trail #550 on the left. After Pansy