Exposed Trail

Mostly exposed (to sun, wind, etc) trail
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Pine Mountain, OR | Aug 2022


This was my second summit for the day of the Central Oregon S2S party.

I had spent the night at the Pine Mountain Observatory Campgrounds which is FCFS so get there early.  If it's full, there are dispersed locations but it's hard to find one in the pitch black dark.  The observatory requires no headlights (only running lights) at the top so take that into account.

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South Sister, OR | August 2022


Bill K7WXW is an early riser, and I was stoked to find someone keen to get up South Sister for a sunrise activation. We set out from the trailhead in the dark at 2:12am PST. Bill had an issue with his headlamp battery. Luckily, I had a spare headlamp to loan him. With that sorted, we hit the trail.

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Althouse Mountain, OR Aug 2022


I did not know this area was so badly burned before I left. It was a pretty depressing sight. Flip side is no trees equates to good views. The whole area is thousands of acres of burned standing timber so not the safest or most predictable trip. There was some salvaging going on when I went but I predict there can be days of no operations and windfall will start bringing some trees down. They have cleared the uphill of the paved road going up but not the side roads you take to Althouse and Tanner.

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Broken Top, OR | August 2022


Broken Top has been on my list for a few years. Trip reports vary in difficulty, so I finally had the chance to check it out solo. 

From Green Lakes TH I hike / jogged (hogged?) to Green Lakes in about an hour. From there the trail cuts between the lakes and then steepens. The trail up the Northwest Ridge saddle is sandy and steep. I took a break in the saddle to refuel for the steep ridge climb. 

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Mount Aeneas, MT | Aug 2022


My wife and I camped at Camp Misery TH and then I got up at About 7 to make the 3.23 mile walk to the summit. Starting elevation was about 5,700' and the summit is just over 7,500'. Great views at the top and I have never been to this summit when there was not goats. I counted between 10-12 different goats on the summit today. 

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Little Applegate, OR August 2022


Went to Little Applegate after Applegate. It was a jeep road the last bit on RD 4513-300, off of road 4518. I started the hike up at 42.68112, -121.70485.  There is a bit of an open path up to the summit using an old grown over road. Easy trek, about 1mi RT. The mountains around here are some of my favorite to hike because of the ground. Most everywhere is a layer of pine needles over pumice so it is like walking on a soft cushioned ground.

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Potato Hill, WA | Access Update Aug 2022


WTA has a good Trail Report at with good general directions to PCT parking off the paved FS-5603 road. 

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Quartzite Mountain, WA | August 2022


It's rare to find trails that are as well worn as Quartzite in this area. This trail is basically an urban hill near Chewelah, WA and sees regular use. The first half mile is the steepest, with several forks to switchbacks. All trails lead back to the main trail. In every case, take the less steep fork and avoid creating an erosion a path. The campsite at the one mile point is a good rest stop with summit register. The real summit though (and AZ) is another 1/2 mile. Follow the trail as it traverses two false summits to the actual summit at 1.5 mi in.

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Peak 7102 IDAHO 8/8/2022


W7I/SI-151 is located near Lava Hot Springs Idaho. The summit is on Idaho Public Land but accessed through posted private land. You MUST get permission from the land owner who is generally reasonable when permission is asked and he has no cultivated crops.

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I thought I would update this summit. It has been 10 years since KG7E put up a blog.

if you are planning on doing this summit make sure you do it from Atomic City off of highway 26. If you use Goolgle maps it will suggest you take highway 20 if you are heading from Arco Idaho or Idaho Falls/ Pocatello. if You take Highway 20 you will be going through the Idaho National Energy Laboratory which is closed to the public.