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Mostly exposed (to sun, wind, etc) trail
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I thought I would update this summit. It has been 10 years since KG7E put up a blog.

if you are planning on doing this summit make sure you do it from Atomic City off of highway 26. If you use Goolgle maps it will suggest you take highway 20 if you are heading from Arco Idaho or Idaho Falls/ Pocatello. if You take Highway 20 you will be going through the Idaho National Energy Laboratory which is closed to the public.

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Quilcene Ridge, WA | July 2022


Depending on how much you like the paint on your vehicle, Quilcene Ridge might be a drive-up. Even so, where the slide alder starts significantly encroaching on the road it's only a quarter mile to the summit. So walking is an option.

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Calispell Peak, WA | 25 Jul 22


Second attempt to get Calispell Peak. The approach and drive up make this a difficult hike to access with most vehicles. Even with a 4WD truck, you can do damage to your vehicle attempting to drive to the top. The smart move is to park on Calispel Peak Rd and hike from the 3.5 mi point to the summit, unless you'd like to do an alignment on your car.

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Mt Adams (Pahto/Klickitat), Washington | July 2022


Mt Adams in summer is a popular climb and has variable conditions. Anyone attempting Adams should be familiar hiking with crampons and ice axe. Glissading skills will help and if you're new, you'll be an expert by the time you are down the mountain. 

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7695, IDAHO, 7-22-2022


 Access is gained by taking the Woodruff/Samaria exit from I-15 South of Malad ID (also see below for W7I/SI-084) and heading west on Woodruff Ln. This comes to a tee and becomes a good dirt road, you take a right (north), This continues for a bit then turns west again (no other option) and heads to the base of the mountain. You pass the last farm just before the base. Just after that you pass over a cattle guard and you will be on BLM land.

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PEAK 6901, IDAHO, JULY 2022


This summit is located approximately 16 miles North of Soda Springs Idaho. Take State Highway 34 north to Blackfoot Reservoir. You will need to turn to your left off of highway 34 when you see the Blackfoot North access road. This road is accessible to passenger cars. Travel west approximately 2.25 miles on this road. Watch for a fence line going up a ridge on your right. There is a place to park at 

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PEAK 7058, IDAHO, JULY 12, 2022


  Going South of Pocatello Idaho on I-15, also heading North on I-15 from Salt Lake City, take the Inkom Idaho exit. You will then need to take Rapid Creek road heading in a NE direction from Inkom. Rapid Creek Rd is a main road in Inkom. You will then go approximate 2 miles on Rapid Creek Rd until you see Inman Road on your right. Take this road another 2.5 miles and you will see a UTV/ATV Trailhead on your right. The pavement/oiled road ends here and turns into a dirt road. A 2 wheel drive can be driven on this road pass the winter gate.

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7496 - IDAHO 7/02/22


This summit is located 6 miles East of Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. Take Highway 30 East towards Fish Creek Summit and turn South approximately 1 mile from Lava Hot Springs onto Baldy Mtn Road. Stay on the main paved road which heads South and the turns into gravel/dirt road.  Watch for a sign on your left that says State access 1.5 miles. You will come to a junction near 42.547° -111.900°.

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Rocky Top, OR - June 2022


To get to Rocky Top from the Valley, take Hwy 22 in Marion County east past Gates, OR to Niagara Hts. Rd, across from Niagra Park at the intersection with the red and white waterwheel, well-known to area residents and weekend travelers to Central Oregon.  Watch out, the left turn approaches fast as you round the corner and I still miss it despite having been up there several times.