Good Views From Summit

Summit has good "views"
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Round Top, OR | July 2022


Round Top is a nice mostly drive up activation. Being me, I had to do it the hard way: Mountainbiking from Gale's Creek Campground. It is an 18 mile round trip ride with ~3000' elevation gain. 

I recommend doing some stretches or warmups before heading out because the hardest part of this ride is the first few miles: steep trail that gets the blood moving. Overall the trail is a singletrack and mostly follows the creek through the forest. Not much for views, but there are the occasional waterfall and views of Gale's Creek. 

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Deadline Ridge (Idaho)


For more detailed information, check out AA6XA's blog at

Here are some confirmations/corrections: 1) You can indeed drive close to the summit and can access the actual summit with a high clearance 4x4, 2) The actual summit is not at the fence line but the SOTAMAPS location appears to be the accurate high point, and 3) The summit provides no place to attach an antenna mast and if using a mast guy lines are required.

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PEAK 7058, IDAHO, JULY 12, 2022


  Going South of Pocatello Idaho on I-15, also heading North on I-15 from Salt Lake City, take the Inkom Idaho exit. You will then need to take Rapid Creek road heading in a NE direction from Inkom. Rapid Creek Rd is a main road in Inkom. You will then go approximate 2 miles on Rapid Creek Rd until you see Inman Road on your right. Take this road another 2.5 miles and you will see a UTV/ATV Trailhead on your right. The pavement/oiled road ends here and turns into a dirt road. A 2 wheel drive can be driven on this road pass the winter gate.

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Bishop Mtn. Idaho, July 2022


This summit is accessed from Highway 20 in the Island Park area whether coming from the north or the south. The road west you take is marked as Antelope Flats Road and has a large historical marker at the entrance. This is a dirt/gravel road.

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7496 - IDAHO 7/02/22


This summit is located 6 miles East of Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. Take Highway 30 East towards Fish Creek Summit and turn South approximately 1 mile from Lava Hot Springs onto Baldy Mtn Road. Stay on the main paved road which heads South and the turns into gravel/dirt road.  Watch for a sign on your left that says State access 1.5 miles. You will come to a junction near 42.547° -111.900°.

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Rocky Top, OR - June 2022


To get to Rocky Top from the Valley, take Hwy 22 in Marion County east past Gates, OR to Niagara Hts. Rd, across from Niagra Park at the intersection with the red and white waterwheel, well-known to area residents and weekend travelers to Central Oregon.  Watch out, the left turn approaches fast as you round the corner and I still miss it despite having been up there several times.

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Red Mountain Update: Gate Open!


Follow other blog entries for accurate directions to the access road.  The first gate at FS60 road is gone, at least destroyed.  A second gate about a mile in was also open but might  be locked later in the season.

Normally, from FS60, this is a 3.3 mi/ 1600 ft elev gain hike but I was able to drive to with 1/2 mi of the summit where I hit snow drifts covering the road. I would expect these to melt out over the next 3-4 weeks or so, making the summit potentially a drive-up where parking would be available.  

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Mount Harriman, OR | Sept 2021


Compared to nearby Mount Carmine, getting to the trailhead of this one is a breeze.  I parked at the Varney Creek trailhead off of Highway 140.  The road is well signed and in good shape with plenty of parking.  This summit though, at least the way I went, uses absolutely zero official trail.  From the parking lot I headed south along what looked to be an old logging road that has since been overgrown  It didn't take long for that to fade away then you are left with open forest to find your way.  The lower part of this route had been logged previously which mad

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McDonald Peak, OR 2019, '20, '21


I can't believe I missed reviewing McDonald in the past. I love McDonald Peak. It is a beautiful stroll from RD 20 on a nice trail, great view, great flora in summer time. It was one peak I spent some time at in 2019 and realized SOTA was where I belonged in radio. Sitting in the flower covered slope enjoying the view. Easy set up among a mix of slopes and boulders.

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Mt. Ashland, OR June 2022


I just noticed I never did summaries for some of my first summits especially if they had a previous review so with the 2022 campout coming soon I am trying to catch up on some. Mt Ashland is an easy, popular summit. Outstanding 360 view of NCA to CLNP rim to Josephine Co. Cool boulder stacks too. You can drive to the dome on the summit if you wish. Just go a little ways past the Mt Ashland campground and you will see the road on the right with a not so visible sign (it is on a tall post since it is used during deep snow).