Good Views From Summit

Summit has good "views"
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Stacker Butte


To get to Stacker Butte, from Interstate 84, take exit 87 at the Dalles and go north across the Columbia River for aproximately 3.5 miles to Highway 14.  Note; After taking exit 87 and turning north, there is a McDonalds on the left.  This is the last oportunity for "facilities".  If you dont use them, Stacker butte is very exposed all the way up, and you will be too!  Also, this bridge crossing the columbia is NOT a toll bridge.  When you get to Hwy 14, turn right (east) and go about .9 miles to Dalles Mtn Rd and turn left.  Pavement ends here and turns into a

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Noise floor....You mean noise ceiling.


Summary: On 28MAR19 I decided to knock out the first activation on Field Effect Hill (aka Megler Mountain).  The weather started out beautiful and sunny but I ended up having to complete my activation in the rain which contiuned until I had started the hike back down when the sun returned.  Overall, the hike isnt bad but the the horrible wide band RFI in the vincinity of the summit made this less fun for an HF activation than most summits which tend to be far quieter.

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Red Crow Mountain, MT| July, 2017


5.9 miles, +3,100 ft, -300 ft

Mostly on-trail, Some Off-Trail

The trailhead (Glacier National Park – Lubec Lake / Firebrand Pass Trailhead) is easy to get to, but also easy to miss.  The trailhead parking is on a short (500-foot) loop turnoff from Highway-2 that is squeezed between the highway and the railroad tracks.  The trailhead is 6.25 miles from the main intersection in East Glacier, and 8.6 miles from the John F. Stevens monument at the summit of Marias Pass.


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West Tiger Mountain, WA | MARCH 2019


West Tiger Mountain is one of W7W's most frequently activated summits. It is part of the 'Issaquah Alps', and being close to Seattle is a very popular day hiking area. Arrive early to get parking near the trailhead, and don't forget your Discover Pass!

There are a series of summits called 'West Tiger' - the one we are interested in for SOTA is known as West Tiger 1. 

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Lucky Peak, ID | Feb 2019


Winter activation of a "standard Idaho 2-pointer" (read: barely achievable especially during winter!).  I took advantage of a newly activated holiday at work (President's day) to activate the closest summit to Boise.  I went up the standard "hiking" summer route.  The round trip on foot is 11.5 miles and 3000 ft vertical.  The summer "4x4 drive-up" route is gated closed Nov-April and is currently under a bunch of snow.  

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Peak 5580, ID | JAN 2018


Peak 5580 is in a cluster of 2-pointers east of Mountain Home Idaho on the north side of Hwy 20.  They lie about 1.5 hours from Boise so it makes for a nice trip to knock off a few summits.  These summits are generally considered the most achievable around Boise even know it takes a short drive to get there.  Other summits in the area require off road driving or longer hikes.  Some of the peaks in the cluster are available for year round access (SR-130 being the best), but Peak 5580 is a ways off the highway.  In the winter the road is not maintained and could be sn

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Clear Lake Butte, OR - snowshoe | Feb 2019


Here's a long snowshoe in winter - 7 miles round trip and 800 feet elevation gain. The lookout is rented in the winter, so be sure no one is there if you climb up the stairs to take advantage of the additional height. 

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Hurricane Hill, WA | March 2018


Hurricane Hill is the high point of Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park. It's a fairly easy hike in the summer season, and quite a ways farther in the winter on snowshoes. The summer hike is about 3.0 miles round trip, while in winter it will be closer to 5.6 miles. Although the net elevation gain is about 500 feet, you'll be going up and down along the ridge for more elevation gain, especially in winter.

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Hat Point, OR | June 2017


In the remote corner of the remote corner of Northeast Oregon are the Wallowa Mountains. On the eastern edge of the state, looking down into the Snake River Canyon is Hat Point, a drive-up six-point summit. 

Head east on 350 from Joseph, Oregon 30 miles to Imnaha. From there, you'll take Hat Point Road another 10 miles to the lookout and summit of Hat Point. This gravel road is steep in places, and narrow, but can be driven in a passenger car.

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Fall Mountain, OR | July 2017


Here's a drive-up summit with a fire lookout (one you can rent) in Eastern Oregon. You might spring for a lookout reservation and enjoy being chased all day long - but you can also stay below te lookout on the road and let the occupants enjoy their solitude while you activate this peak.