Good Views From Summit

Summit has good "views"
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4097 Troposphere Pk, WA | Aug 2022


We headed up to Tropo after getting some excellent pointers from Etienne K7ATN.  He and Darryl WW7D were also up here a few days ago.

The route we took started from Morton, WA on Hwy 7 northbound.  Unfortunately, Google Maps wants to route through private gated property.  So we continued on north until NF-74 and turned off there.  We followed NF-74 to the crossing with NF-295.  Beyond that point, you will need to disregard your vehicle's paint job.  The scrub brush is very ingrown on the next section of NF-74.

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Richards Peak, MT | Aug 2022


I was camping at nearby Middle Thompson Lake and decided to get out for an activation. I was able to drive most of the way to the summit to the gate within 1 mile. There is a nice fire lookout at the top. The lookout was not manned while I was there. I approached off of the ACM Road South to National Forest Development Road 1045. Road was great all the way up to the parking area. I have been to this area many times and Road 1045 is known to have a locked gate at the bottom at times...this would make for a long walk or bike to the summit. 

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Calimus Butte, OR August 2022


Calimus is a drive up summit with manned lookout that was built in 1920. Very cute little lookout and great views of course. When I went Sharon was working and was very welcoming and we had a great tour and visit. She couldn't join me for the activation because she was on extreme fire watch, unable to leave her upstairs and radios. She knew some other hams including a neighboring lookout worker at Spodue.

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Stonewall Mountain, MT | August, 2022


6.0 Miles, +2,400 ft, - 120 ft

These instructions are from the trailhead that is open to full-sized vehicles July-1 to October-14.  OHV’s that are less than 50-inches wide can drive to the summit from July-1 to September-7.  The full-sized vehicle trailhead is suitable for must vehicles.

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Potato Hill, WA | Access Update Aug 2022


WTA has a good Trail Report at with good general directions to PCT parking off the paved FS-5603 road. 

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Peak 6073, Idaho | August 2022


This was the first activation of the summit.  This was a straight-up bushwhack climb of around 500 feet and a ½ mile. Just before the summit there is a 15-foot vertical rock scramble.  After searching around I found a route that I felt safe attempting.  My fears far outweighed the reality.

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Spring Benchmark, Idaho | August 2022


This was the first activation of Spring Benchmark.  Prior knowledge would have been helpful, but some early google earth research resulted in a successful ascent/activation.

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Peak 7102 IDAHO 8/8/2022


W7I/SI-151 is located near Lava Hot Springs Idaho. The summit is on Idaho Public Land but accessed through posted private land. You MUST get permission from the land owner who is generally reasonable when permission is asked and he has no cultivated crops.

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Trout Creek Mountain, Idaho | August 2022


Trout Creek Mountain is an exposed summit amongst many similar looking peaks along a range.  The only trees in the activation zone were consumed in a past fire and I would not suggest taking cover or trying to erect an antenna mast in the area.  20m was open and I made five (5) contacts in quick succession.  After 20m went quiet I tried 40m with no success.

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Driveway Peak- Montana July 2022


Driveway Peak is in Sanders County, Montana Northwest of Thompson Falls, Montana. It counts for both the SOTA and POTA program. SOTA reference W7M/LO-067 and POTA Park K-4507.