Good Views From Summit

Summit has good "views"
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Goats and shadow bear on Goat Island


2011-10-29 Goat Island W7W/RS-006 CN96EV22

I ordered a LiFePO4 battery, one what I wanted for a while. It is 12.8V and capable of deliver 26A. Capacity is 13.2Ah. This should be sufficient to operate the portable radios on maximum power. It weighs 1.9Kg. Now that I have a good battery, I do not want to carry the 897 any longer with the internal batteries. So it is time to get another radio, a lighter one. I looked around and at the end I decided on the 857. I think ICOM does not have any good SOTA capable radios. The 706 would be good, but cannot buy new it any longer, and I don’t want to wait for a good deal on eBay. I would not like to take the 7000 outdoors. Time to go down south into Oregon to buy a radio.

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Triple KX3 Activation of Eagles Rest, W7/WV-078


On August 29, 2012, Guy, N7UN, Jeremy, NH6Z and Phil, NS7P, activated Eagles Rest in the Willamette Valley foothills of Lane Co, OR.  This small summit sits at 3024' ASL (1725' above the trailhead). It is exposed rock surrounded by forest.

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Peak 3977, WA ("Starway") | Sep-2012


The trail is called the "Starway Trail" but it could be better named the "Stairway Trail" as it is one of the steepest trails I have ever hiked - but the views from the top are worth it. And then, the peak should also have the SOTA vanity name, "Starway." The elevation gain is in the order of 2400 feet in just over two miles and pretty much relentlessly climbs for the first half of the hike. Note that this peak can also be approached from Silver Star (from the south) with less elevation gain, although the trail is a bit faint in places.

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A hazy day on Evergreen Mtn.


I guess the winds must be blowing smoke from the fires in Wenatchee over the mountains.  It was a pretty hazy day, especially at lower elevations.  This one is a short hike (1.5 mi), but a steep one. The drive took me longer than expected, as did the hike, so I wound up about an hour late with the activation.  The views were stupendous, though, inspite of the haziness, and the lookout tower at the top made a perfect support for my pole.  

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Pine Mountain and Pine Benchmark, OR | Sep-2012


Pine Mountain (W7/CN-058) and Pine Benchmark (W7/CN-068) are close enough that one could easily do both summits in a day. There's a bit of bushwacking and route finding to be done, but at most you are walking less than four miles to do both of these summits.

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N7UN Activation of Table Rock, OR (near Mollala)


Overview: Table Rock is just south of Mollala OR.  Although it is in the Table Rock Wilderness Area, active logging occurs in the area.  Watch out for log trucks!  This is a popular hiking destination so expect to see a lot of hikers on the weekend. On a clear day, Mt Rainer to Mt Mount McLoughlin can be seen.  The east side of Table Rock has the 1000 ft cliff face seen in most pictures.

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High Rock, WA


On September 1st, Taylor and I returned to the site of our first "real" SOTA activation almost a year later. Before climbing High Rock in late September 2011, my SOTA activities had been confined to one and two point locations where one had to make an effort to travel far enough from the vehicle to satisfy the spirit of the game. Until this fourth summit came along, I was able to carry way too much stuff the short distance from the vehicle to the operating location.

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N7UN Activation of Llao Rock in Crater Lake Park, OR


"Llao is the god of the underworld in the mythology of the Klamath Native American tribe. Llao fought a great battle with the sky god, Skell, which caused the eruption of Mount Mazama, creating Crater Lake."  (from Wikipedia  ).  I'm not sure of the correct pronuciation of "Llao".

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N7UN Activation of #6001 near Mt Hood


Aug 21, 2012


Spectacular views of Mt Hood to the west and eastern Oregon from this north-south ridge. On clear days, Rainier, Adams, St Helens and the Oregon Cascade peaks are also visible.