Pass Required at Trailhead

Trailhead parking or use of the trail requires a permit, pass or other for-pay document
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SOTA Activation: Waterman Mountain, Los Angeles County, California - September 29, 2016


One of the nicest hikes in the San Gabriel Mountains, Waterman Mountain is certainly worthy of repeat SOTA Activations, and this was our third time in about 2 years.  Being graced with a very reasonable access, well graded trail and magnificent specimens of Incense Cedar (see:  ) and Ponderosa Pine (see:  ) it’s a wonderful and popular SOTA objective.  The trail is 6 + miles RT, with 1,200 feet elevation gain.  The summit area is lightly treed, but still has views if you search them out.

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Windy Ridge, WA Sept 2016


Plan a clear day for this trip since the mountain views (St Helens, Mt. Adams, Mt Hood, Mt Rainier) are spectacular from the summit area.  The views of the Mt St Helens north crater and blast zone are iconic.  This hike should be on the "must do" list in order to gain insight into the blast and destruction caused by the 1980 eruption.

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Mt. McLoughlin, Sept 10,2016


You can get to Mt. McLoughlin by taking OR 140 west from Klamath Falls for about
36 miles. Turn right onto FS 3650, which is also the turn for the SnoPark. The
trailhead is up this road 2.4 miles and is well marked and has a toilet. FS 3650
is also about 0.5 miles west of MP 33 on OR 140.

The round-trip distance to the summit and back is 11 miles. The first few miles
are through very pretty forest. The gentle trail gradually then more abruptly
becomes quite rocky and rugged. It took me 4 hours, 40 minutes, all stops included,

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Mt Thielsen activation, 8.31.2016


Cruising through Chemult Oregon at 6:40am, the dashboard said the outside temperature
was 29 degrees. This was far cooler than we anticipated for our attempt on Mt. Thielsen.
A few years ago, my son Andrew and I tried this summit but were driven off by mosquitoes
and our lack of DEET. I actually inhaled two of the beasts and slapped my glasses off my
face several times before we literally ran back to the safety of our car. The Diamond Lake
area is legendary for mosquitoes.

This morning was different. It was a brisk 36 degrees at the Mt. Thielsen trailhead. Seeing

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Strawberry Lookout/Benchmark W7W/LC-018


Access Info:  Take SR25 south from Randle or north from Cougar.  Head west on SR99 for 4.5 mi to the Bear Meadow Viewpoint.  Restrooms at the viewpoint parking area.  Read the interpretive signage at this viewpoint since this is where many of the iconic photographs were made of the St. Helens eruption in process by photographer Reynolds, who barely escaped with his family.

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Whittier Peak W7W/LC-004


Access:  Since SR26 is closed from the north due to a washout, you must come in on SR26 from the south. Take SR25 south out of Randle then SR99 west towards Windy Ridge.  At approx 11 mi in, take SR26 north for about 1 mi to the Norway Pass TH parking area.  Restrooms are available.

Note:  The Independance Ridge trail is closed due to a washout.

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Dome Rock, OR | August 2016


Just north of Detroit, Oregon are a nice bunch of summits - Dome Rock is especially good. The Tumble Ridge Trail takes you to Dome Rock on a pleasant forest hike of only about 1.5 miles and 500 feet total gain.

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Green Point Mountain, OR | August 2016


There are several ways to get to Green Point Mountain - I choose the shortest hike, which of course required the most uncomfortable drive (i.e., high clearance and paint you don't care about).

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Goat Mountain W7W/LC-021


Access:  Since SR26 is closed from the north due to a washout, you must come in on SR26 from the south. Take SR25 south out of Randle then SR99 west towards Windy Ridge.  At approx 7 mi in, take SR25 north to 1/4 mi past the Ryan Lake Interpretive Site road.  Take the TH road west for about 1/2 mi.

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Tanner Butte, OR | August 2016


Tanner Butte is perhaps the most remote SOTA summit in Oregon's Northern Cascades. Despite many resources that point out the trail length at 17 miles, measured from the GPS track it shows up as right at 20 miles round trip, with 4500 feet of elevation gain. You won't see many other hikers on these remote trails.