Pass Required at Trailhead

Trailhead parking or use of the trail requires a permit, pass or other for-pay document
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Wildcat Mountain, OR | July 2016


It makes for a very long day (about 17 miles total), but this Wildcat Mountain (WV-046) can also be reached from Huckleberry Mountain via the Plaza Ridge Trail #783 and the Douglas Trail #781. It's also quite beautiful - a stunning ridge hike in the Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness.

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Activation of Broken Top, July 20, 2016


Broken Top is an eroded stratovolcano about 25 miles west of Bend Oregon in the Three
Sisters Wilderness. It can be reached by traveling to Mount Bachelor on the Cascades
Lake Highway (County Hwy 46) and then continuing west towards to the Green Lakes/Fall
Creek trailhead. Round trip to the summit and back is about 12 miles. The summit reaches
an altitude of 9175 feet.

A Northwest Forest Pass is required to park at the trailhead, or a one day pass can be
picked up at the trailhead for five bucks. A no-cost permit for entry to the wilderness

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SOTA Activation: "Mount Attenuator", AKA "Summit Lake Peak", Pierce County, Washington - May 30, 2016



A fantastic Activation together with my SOTA Buddy, Tim, KG7EJT, along with his wife Masako, my wife Sharon & Dexter the SOTA Dog on Memorial Day 2016.  Great weather, fantastic views from the summit and a successful SOTA Activation for both of us, yielded a memorable outing. "Mount Attenuator", mostly known as Summit Lake Peak, is approximately 3 miles north of Mount Rainier National Park.  Thus it affords incredible sweeping outlook of the north aspect of mighty Mount Rainier.  Mount Attenuator is 5,780 feet (1,762 meters) high, and is reached via approximately 6.1 mile RT trail.  Elevation gain is approximately 1,360 feet.

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"Capacitor Peak" Activation 6/3/2016


The easy access to this hill is off of forest road FS-6081 (you’d want a high clearance vehicle) which was not passable for us. It leads to a spur road that goes almost to the top (this is also blocked to vehicles by windfall and some erosion). Good thing we had a plan B – which was to follow the PCT - Trail #2000, south from the nearby Crest Horse Camp.

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Double Peak, OR | June 2015


A bit south of Cannon Beach there is this easy walk up a logging road. The sign at the gate indicates that hiking access is permitted. Starting in 2018 the landowner is requiring permits for access - see

You'll find the logging road and gate near 45.863° -123.95950° about 0.6 miles south of Tolvana Park. Don't block the gate of course, and proceed up the logging road. 

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Marble Mtn


Park at the Marple Mountain Sno Park overflow area which is on the south side of SR83. Plenty of parking room in the non-snow months.  

Follow FR8312 to the summit which is about 4 mi one way.  Easy hike up an old logging road.  The summit is a site of an old firetower but is now used as a USGS Mt St Helens monitoring site.  Enough room at the summit for an EFHW.  Good vistas of Mt Adams but St Helens is obscured by the forrested summit.

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Activating Elizabeth Ridge in Mt. Rainier National Park


I've had my eye on Elizabeth Ridge since first noticing it two years ago during an activation of nearby Tolmie Peak (W7W/RS-035). This 5,500' summit rises sharply just across the road from the trail head one takes to Tolmie Peak. Starting at the road in front of Mowich Lake, the summit is only 500' vertically, but this is over a distance of 0.3 to 0.4 miles. This could be a short (but not necessarily quick and easy) hike during the summer after doing Tolmie Peak. A winter or spring activation adds 4.5 miles (each way) and 1200' of elevation because the road is closed and snow covered.

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SOTA Activation - Quartz Mountain, Spokane County, Washington - May 12, 2016


Three Wild Turkey Winners! On a springtime outing to the Spokane, Washington region, we activated three (3) SOTA Summits in the mountains north of the City of Spokane.  The reference to Wild Turkeys is on account of seeing numerous of the large wild birds that almost became the National Symbol of USA.  See: chose this area, as there were several SOTA Summits that were easily accessible from the 2 alpine ski resorts north of Spokane: Mount Spokane Ski and Snowboard Park and 490 North Mountain Resort.  This is report 2 of 3, detailing the Activation of Quartz Mountain.

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SOTA Activation - Granite Mountain, King County, Washington - May 6, 2016


Springtime dandy in Central Washington Cascade Mountains!  A weekday (Friday) activation of Granite Mountain, together with Tim Nair, KG7EJT.  Granite Mountain, 5,629 feet elevation, with 3,800 feet elevation gain and 8.6 miles RT, is located near the Denny Creek area, off exit 74, I-90, near Snoqualmie Pass.  Tim and I had previously Activated Granite Mountain during the winter of 2015.  This time we also had great weather, some mushy snow slogging, stupendous views and inquisitive hikers at the summit, which all combined for another fine Activation!