Pass Required at Trailhead

Trailhead parking or use of the trail requires a permit, pass or other for-pay document
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3387 (mt astronaut), wa | october 2022


Summary - 3387 is a drive up on Weyerhauser land west of Mount Saint Helens and a two hour drive from SE Portland. The summit is treeless and has a great view of Goat Mountain and Mount Saint Helen. Don't count on two meters to make your four QSOs, cell phone service is marginal at best, APRS two way works. Overall, a nice place for a longer activation and can be part of a three or four summit day with careful planning.

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Clatskanie Mountain | Sept 2022


Clatskanie Mountain is one of the peaks within the Weyerhaeuser "Columbia - Washington Counties" recreational permit region. It's a relatively easy hike through a small forest section and exposed forest roads. Doing this peak as a biketivation is an option. This would be a good peak to combine with an activation of Benson Hill, NC-042.

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Barlow Ridge, OR - short path | Aug 2022


In my continuing series on easier/shorter approaches to summits, I found a back-side social trail to Barlow Ridge summit.

Originally I was just going to bushwack it (0.6 mile and 400' elevation gain) but upon arrival I discovered this path.

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Puffer Butte, WA | Sep 2022


Puffer Butte is located in Washington’s Field Springs State Park in the very southeast corner of the state. The hike is less than a mile and 400 feet. There are plenty of Trees on the summit for hanging wires. I had spotty Verizon coverage. For more:


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Jack Mountain, WA: Access Permit Required


The Weyerhaeuser gated entrance is about 3 miles east of the Dole Valley Rd turn from the NE Sunset Falls Rd.  It appears that Jack Mountain is located on Weyerhaeuser private property and based on the below picture of the signs, access is not allowed without a Weyerhaeuser Recreational Access Permit.  Jack Mountain is in the Yacolt Permit area.  Their website says the permits are "Sold Out".  I also saw a permit price of $300 which is beyond my SOTA budget!

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Runt Mountain, Idaho | September 2022


Runt Mountain is a SOTA peak at the top of the chairlift at Lookout Pass Ski area. Lookout Pass Ski area is on Interstate 90 at the Idaho/Montana border.

From Idaho, take exit 0 on Interstate 90 and turn right into the parking lot of the ski area. You will have to purchase a lift ticket ($13) for the ride up the main chair. I activated this in the summer as they open the area up to hikers and mountain bikers. You might be able to activate this in the winter but with much more difficulty with skiiers buzzing by you. 

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Black Butte, OR | Aug 2022


On the way over to Bend, I stopped to activate Black Butte.  I came on Hwy 20 and turned at NF-11 which is also the turn for Indian Ford Campground.  From there I followed north to the turn for NF-1110 (also known as Black Butte Rd) and on around the north of the mountain.  After a hairpin turn, there is one more sharp turn to the right which takes you to the upper trailhead.  The road up to the last turn was in good shape as of this writing.  The upper portion after the last turn was not as good but still very drivable.

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South Sister, OR | August 2022


Bill K7WXW is an early riser, and I was stoked to find someone keen to get up South Sister for a sunrise activation. We set out from the trailhead in the dark at 2:12am PST. Bill had an issue with his headlamp battery. Luckily, I had a spare headlamp to loan him. With that sorted, we hit the trail.