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Bald Mountain, Polk co. Oregon activation, Dec 26, 2014


The day after Christmas seemed like a good day to do some local re-con on a two-pointer I've been
meaning to try out. I left the house about 11:30am headed for Bald Mountain W7O/CC-011 in Polk
county Oregon and packed the backpack with radio and SOTA pole just in case I got lucky.

To get to Bald Mountain, you need to get on OR 223, also known as Kings Valley HWY. OR 223 can be
accessed from US Hwy 20, west of Corvallis, OR or near the junction of OR 22 and OR 99W close to
Dallas, Oregon. The first off-pavement turn from OR 223 is on Valstez Rd about 0.4 miles east of

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Bachelor Mountain 12.14.2014


With the continuing warm weather, I went out this weekend to finish out the
trio of Coffin, Buck and Bachelor Mountains. I headed for Bachelor this weekend.

To reach the Bachelor mountain trailhead, follow the directions I gave in the
Coffin and Back mountain activation. However, when reaching the #450 road,
continue further for about 0.5 mile and take a left at the intersection. After
about 0.6 miles, the road comes to a end at the trail head. I found only
a post where I suppose the trail head sign used to be.

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Coffin and Buck Mountain - 12.6.2014

Since the weather has continued warm and wet, I thought I'd go grab some solitude
and winter bonus points. I had been eyeing three summits close to each other and
to OR HWY 22. These peaks are Coffin Mountain, Buck Mountain and Bachelor Mountain.
I hoped to summit all three this Saturday but only managed two due to a number
of equipment problems.

To reach Coffin mountain, follow OR 22 east from Detroit Oregon. About 19 miles
east of Detroit, turn right onto FS 11 also known as Straight Creek Rd. It is

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Browder Ridge North, October 11, 2014


Directly across Hwy 20 from Iron Mountain at Tombstone pass is peak
5436, CM-127. Its really a part of Browser Ridge extending towards
the northwest from the other Browser Ridge peak CM-056.

Access to CM-127 is via NF-15 which turns off US Hwy 20 about 1000m
west of Tombstone pass. Take NF-15 to the trailhead for trail 3409
which is located right where NF-080 splits off.

It was supposed to be a nice day in the valley, and I heard it was.
On this day however, the Cascades had a different idea. At the trail

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Browder Ridge Activation, August 2, 2014


Browder Ridge is one of those hikes that you really don't want to tell anybody about. Its well known for its wildflowers and mentioned as an alternate to crowd-packed Iron Mountain/Cone Peak. Unlike the more popular Iron Mountain loop, Browder Ridge stays in bloom far into summer. It has a number of great views and dramatic old growth fir/hemlock/cedar forests. I was there in early August and there were an amazing number of flowers and blooming things.

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Activation of Thomas Cairn 1.20.2014


I had been wondering about the peak Thomas Cairn for awhile after
elk hunting in the Snow Peak area in Linn county this year. Although
it was not eligible for winter points, I just had to get up there
and see what it looked like up close.

Thomas Cairn is in an remote part of Linn county closest to the
town of Scio. I got there by first going to Scio then taking Oregon
226, 6.75 miles to the Camp Morrison Road. This turnoff is easily
identifiable by the Hannah covered bridge there.

Follow Morrison Camp road for 4.7 miles to a unmarked, nondescript

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Mary's Peak Activation 10.19.2013


Marys Peak...(no aprostrophe is correct) why bother, everybody has been there...execpt for me. So off we went this morning after deciding to activate at 11:30pm the night before. Nothing like planning ahead. Ah, life on the edge is far more fun!

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Activation of "The Twins", Deschutes Co., Oregon 10.5.2013


"The Twins" is a nice activation target just north of Hwy 58, east of Oakridge, Oregon. We took off 10/4 from the Willamette valley in dense fog and headed towards the Cascades to find the fog clearing by the time we reached Oakridge.  The big soaking rains from the Chinese typhoon blown our way had no doubt left some snow so I checked several SNOTEL sites and found that very little snow had fallen and none was currently recorded at any of the sites I checked. Apparently, "The Twins" never bothered to check with the SNOTEL sites.

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Black Butte Activation (9.7.2013) NASOTA weekend


For the NASOTA weekend, I took the easy way out and went to a peak that I'd already been on, Black Butte, near Sisters, Oregon. It was just me and the sotadog "Cooper" this time so we got a 5am start to head towards central Oregon.

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Triangulation Peak Activation (9.4.2013)


Triangulation peak is a great SOTA activation site. The trail (#3373) comes off
of FS road 2233. FS road 2233 intersects Hwy22 just east of Idanha. See any of
the hiker websites to find exact directions. The trailhead did not indicate what
trail it was but from the map its obvious.

The road to the trailhead is somewhat rugged. 4WD is not necessary, but I wouldn't
take a prized sports car up there. This road becomes gated later when snow starts
falling as this area is a mecca for snowmobile folks.