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Trail contains no technical obstacles
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Eagle Rock, CA Aug 2023


I did Eagle Rock late in the afternoon after both Ball and Willow Creek. It is basically a drive up. I am not sure on the accuracy of the elevation/topo for this mountain. I climbed through the buckbrush onto the high rocks where a lookout is collapsed into rumble and don't think I got above 6955'. Not a good place to activate on top. I just dropped down a bit into the AZ to activate using my best judgement. It was <1/4 mi hike from where we parked near 41.87825, -122.24398.

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Ball Mountain, CA Aug 2023


It had been 4 years since I went down to do Ball Mt and I'm not sure why I don't get down here more. Ball is a great <2mi RT hike on a gated lookout road. I love the lookout on Ball. There are great views with ample space and choice of location in the AZ, exposed around LO or go down into the trees a little. Each time I have gone I have also done Willow Creek Mt and this trip added Eagle Rock also. All can be done in a day if you plan accordingly.

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Fox Butte, OR| August 2023


Fox Butte is an easy activation IF you are equipped with HF. I wouldn't rely on 2M unless maybe you bring a yagi to help get your signal to Bend. The roads are in much better than expected shape, and other that the fact that it is a long drive, it was quite pleasant and any passenger car can make the trip.


Full report here

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No Name 7032 Near Todd Lake, OR | Aug 2023


It was a bit surprising that this summit had not been activated. It is a fairly easy hike but it does require a back country permit for access in the Three Sisters Wilderness, which may have put some folks off. Also, Todd Lake is quite busy in the Summer tourism months and permits are limited, though we had no trouble getting one a couple days prior to our planned outing.


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Bald Mountain (Baldy), Idaho | July 2023


Bald Mountain, above Sun Valley, Idaho, is one of the most interesting and picturesque activations I’ve ever done.  There is no need to describe access due to the myriad of information available on-line (i.e., hike/snowshoe, mountain bike, drive, etc.) If you choose to hike, there is a foot traffic permit required.  Though it costs to ride the gondola/chair lift up, there is no cost to ride them down.  We decided to make the activation a fa

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Highwood Baldy, MT | July 2023


2.73 miles, +1,895 feet

Instructions to Trailhead (Note that there are few, if any, road signs along this access route):

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Garwood Butte, OR | July 2023


See Etienne's report for more details.  I wanted to add just a few words on the road condition to the upper trailhead (road 370).  

It is definitely high clearance and 4WD recommended, quite bumpy with large ruts in places.

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Frog Lake Buttes, OR | July 2023


Frog Lake Buttes is a popular SOTA destination that was moved slightly from its old high point in March of 2023. The old summit plays host to a cell tower and is accessible via both road and trail.

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Hager Mountain, OR | June 2023


Hager Mountain, W7O/CE-028 is a moderate to hard hike depending on the length you choose. It can be done as either an 7.5,6 or 4.5 mile RT depending on where you park. Parking at the trailhead on FS RD 28 is the easiest access with longest hike, but if time or energy is a concern driving up the 28-000012 road a couple of miles is worth it. Bring plenty of bug spray and extra water... also some kind of shade if you have it, summit is pretty exposed. There is a picnic table, vault toilet and the fire lookout on summit.

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Tallowbox Mountain, OR 2023


Tallowbox is nice easy summit. <.5mi hike up a gated road. There is equipment, camera lookout, etc up there and I did not get any interference this trip on 20 and 40 with my MTR3B. The drive up is very nice too, paved part way. Great 360 views. de AG7GP