Forested Summit

Summit is forested and/or has ample tree cover.
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Katsuk Butte Activation, Oct 16,2015, Deschutes Natl. Forest


Katsuk Butte is a nice little peak near both South Sister and Devil's Hill
in the Deschutes National Park near the Mt. Bachelor ski area. It's easily
reached from the Devil's Lake campground parking area. You will need to be
comfortable with cross country travel via map/compass/GPS as there are no
trails to this summit.

Katsuk Butte can be conveniently coupled with an activation of South Sister. I
spent the night in the very nice campground on the banks of Devil's Lake,
activated Katsuk Butte late in the afternoon, and left for South Sister early

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Western Mountain (ME) activation as WB4SPB/1, 10/1/2015


Home is Tacoma, WA, but since I acquired lightweight QRP gear a couple of years ago, I’ve been tempted to take it with me when I travel. I finally did so, on a trip to visit family in New England.

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Middle Mountain Oregon Activation 9-12-15


Middle Mountain Oregon W7O/CN-075 is a pretty easy activation.  From Hwy 26 travel approximately 28 miles north on Hwy 35 towards the town of Hood River.  At 28 miles turn left (west) on Gilhauly Road.  Shortly after turning on to Gilhauly Road there is a forest service gate that is normally open but just be aware of its existance.  Travel 1.6 miles on Gilhauly Road.  At 1.6 miles you will come to a fairly wide delta shaped "Y" intersection.  Keep right at this intersection.

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Sugarloaf Mountain, Oregon | September 2015


We spent the weekend climbing and camping at the nearby Spring Mountain climbing area.  This is a great climbing area with nearby camping.  Just a short distance away is Sugarloaf Mountain.  It looked much forested and the road/trail access was questionable, but a previous activation said it was doable.

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SOTA Activation: Rattlesnake Mountain, King County, Washington - July 24, 2015


A four (4) point SOTA Summit, close in to Seattle Metro area.  This makes a great first Activation objective.  A quick return trip outing, just before the weather turned bad.  We still ended the Activation early, as it started raining.  Accompanied by my wife Sharon and our Labrador Retriever Dexter the SOTA Dog.

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Activation: Trout Creek Butte - July 27,2015


Trout Creek Butte is a convenient activation site from the town of
Sisters, Oregon. Its only about 12 miles from the town center. This
summit could probably be considered a drive-up, provided the gate
near the top was open and you had a suitable vehicle.

From the west side of the town of Sisters, take Oregon 242 west. Just
after passing Sisters High School, NF-15 will head south on your left.
My description begins here (mile-point zero) at the junction of NF-15
and Oregon 242.

Take NF-15, heading south initially on blacktop. The blacktop turns to

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Summit 6624, Idaho | July 2015


K7MK and I headed out late in the morning on July 24 to accomplish a double -- Boise Peak - W7I/BC-079 and this summit 6624 - W7I/BC-077. We were thwarted on our access to Boise Peak by an impassible section of road. See a separate activation report on Boise Peak for that story. This wasted well over an hour of time as we drove up the road to Boise Peak and then came back down again. If there was one silver lining is this cloud is that during the round trip we noticed that K7MK's APRS system was not working.

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First activation of Cowan Lookout


Cowan Lookout is an abandoned fire lookout site that sits at 1,955' on top of a ridge that, at the other end, hosts an antenna site. Locally, the place is known as "Radar Hill." It is located in the hills that overlook the town of Naselle, WA, and the Naselle Valley, due west of the intersection of U.S. 101 and WA 4. You can drive to within a short distance of the activation zone, but the final 100' of ascent is a bushwhack.

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China Hat, OR 7 June 2015


Having made my QSOs at Pine, scrambled down the summit, and headed back over the observatory and down the south access road - 4x4 only and not for the faint of heart.  Once on the valley floor, took NS-2310 south toward East Butte and China Hat, swinging back to pick up NS-1849 and circle up toward the summit.   The easiest route to China Hat is to take China Hat Rd NS-18 from south of Bend, but I was on the wrong side of the basin for that. Parked the truck and hoofed it the last mile as the manzanita was encroaching on the double track pretty tightly.

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Clarks Mountain, OR | June 2012


Clarks Mountain is just south of Seaside Oregon. The trail is about 1.8 miles of one-way hiking starting at a clearly marked trailhead on the very south end of town on Sunset Blvd.