Forested Summit

Summit is forested and/or has ample tree cover.
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Lopez Hill Activation 4/26/14


All of our trips to Lopez Island seem to involve a bike ride, and today was no exception. After a brisk ride in this year's annual Tour de Lopez, KG7JEH and I left the latex-clad crowd at the finish line for some SOTA de Lopez action. As it turned out, that action didn't last too long before my battery was down to 10 volts and I called it a day.

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Mt Pickett Activation 4/25/14


An early ferry ride out of Anacortes took me to Orcas Island and, after a short drive, I arrived at the Cascade Falls trailhead by about 7 AM. My plans included biking in about 3 miles and hiking up the last 3/4 mile to the summit. Wrong. I was 1/2 hour into the ride when 2 facts became clear: 1. My hybrid bike was not up to the task of handling that muddy, rocky, slippery road - no matter how much air I let out of the tires. 2. My lungs, legs, and nerves weren't up to the task either. I took the bike back down to the truck and began again.

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Bobs Mountain


I did this summit on 26 March as it was close to where I was staying. It poured rain on me the whole time but I came out with 14 quick contacts including a S2S with Etienne K7ATN on 146.52. I drove up the road and until my truck would not make it any further (4WD) and then hiked up the rest of the way. If you look at my everytrail tracks the "GO" marker is where the dirt road starts and the "END" marker is where I parked the truck. You could drive further then this if it was a dry day or if you had a jeep or 4 wheeler.

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Peak 2140, OR "Back-up Plan" | Nov 2013


Along Highway 22 between Salem and Detroit there is an easy drive-up summit. The road is passable (with some care) in a passenger car. This summit could be a  back up plan when nearby Rocky Top can't be accessed due to snow.

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Awbrey Butte, OR | Feb 2014


Awbrey Butte is a summit in suburban Bend, Oregon.

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Activation of Thomas Cairn 1.20.2014


I had been wondering about the peak Thomas Cairn for awhile after
elk hunting in the Snow Peak area in Linn county this year. Although
it was not eligible for winter points, I just had to get up there
and see what it looked like up close.

Thomas Cairn is in an remote part of Linn county closest to the
town of Scio. I got there by first going to Scio then taking Oregon
226, 6.75 miles to the Camp Morrison Road. This turnoff is easily
identifiable by the Hannah covered bridge there.

Follow Morrison Camp road for 4.7 miles to a unmarked, nondescript

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SOTA Activation: Wilderness Peak, King County, Washington - January 19, 2014


On a quck training hike for our Switzerland Hiking / Climbing tour next July / August, I decided to throw in my 2M HT at the last minute.  Wilderness Peak is an easy 4 miles RT hike gaining 1200 feet, to a summit elevation of 1,600.  It is easily accessible from my home QTH in Bellevue, WA.  Park on SR900 (Issaquah - Renton Road).  The hike is through mostly wooded terrain, with some sections of lovely old growth Douglas Fir and Cedar trees.  One (1) hour up and 48 minutes down.  A few other hikers and trail runners en route.

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Peak 3495, OR | Dec 2013


Enjoy bushwacking? Like to climb over (and under!) a maze of large, downed trees? We've got a great SOTA summit for you in the Clackamas River area.

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Huckleberry Mountain, OR | Nov 2013


One of the most gorgeous hikes I've taken in Oregon, it's clearly popular during the 'summer' season but we had it all to ourselves this spectacular November Sunday. Note that there are four "Huckleberry Mountain" in the Oregon ARM - one of them is also in WV and is also 2 points - make sure you get yourself to the right one.

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First snow hike of the season, with an activation of "Krell Hill" in Spokane.


Krell Hill is a 3600 foot peak to the south-east of Spokane. It's also known as Tower Mountain for reasons that are obvious to those from the area. The tower complex looms over the City of Spokane, spanning most of the ridge to the south-east of town. It hosts 3 major TV stations and numerous other transmitters. Access to the hill is either from a gated road to the south-west, or from the trail system of the Iller Creek Conservation Area to the north or southeast. Iller Creek has many hiking and biking options.