Forested Summit

Summit is forested and/or has ample tree cover.
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Squaw Butte WA | October 2021


Summary - About two hours from Portland, Squaw Butte is an easy drive, hike, and bushwhack to a forested summit. There are limited views, trees for wires, and a number of good operating positions. Two meter contacts are likely to be difficult, as is spotting with a cell phone; APRS works okay. Google maps gives good directions.  Pair this one with West Twin Butte.

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6001 OR | October 2021


Summary --  The trailhead for 6001 is on Bennett Pass Road, about two miles from Windy Camp. It may be possible to hike it from Windy Camp on Gunsight Trail but we didn't test this assumption.

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Badger Butte OR | October 2021


Summary -- Badger Butte is broad, treed summit, with a fairly easy climb from the road.

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West Soda Peak WA | October 2021


Summary - An easy to reach trailhead (2WD friendly), a nice trail, easy bushwhack, and not much of a summit view. 2M contacts are likely to be difficult, APRS okay, and cell service marginal to nonexistent. The summit is small and brush covered; there are lots of places for putting up a HF wire.

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Haystack Butte WA | October 2021


Summary - This Haystack Butte is easy to get to, if you don't mind the possibility of new pinstripes (and it is not the MC-070 peak). The bushwhack is about a quarter-mile, not steep, and mostly requires negotiating large deadfall. The summit is broad, flat, tree-covered and doesn't have much of a view. VHF contacts are likely to be difficult.

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1650 - Drift Creek Wilderness HP


Peak 1650 is the highest point in the Drift Creek Wilderness area, a special area that preserves some of the oldest trees on the Oregon Coast and a nearly pristine ecosystem along the creek.  To get to 1650, set your GPS to the Horse Creek North Trailhead at 44.4411, -123.9091.  There are multiple paths through the paved and well-maintained gravel roads eventually getting you to the trailhead where you’ll find spots for five or six cars.  Along the road you’ll get glimpses at the backsid

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Lilly Mountain, CA Sept 2021


Lilly has been on my list for a while as Matt, KC7OOY, mentioned it was a beautiful mountain. I am so glad I finally made it. As with many summits in the area, what you see on a map isn't always the truth when it comes to roads so I didn't go the way I had planned but it was a beautiful hike with great window views of Scraggy Mountain, White Mountain and others around the Red Buttes Wilderness through the timber. Along the trek are some very fascinating rocks. Lots of quartz that looks like lumps of snow from a distance and shiney silver mica like stone.

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Elizabeth Ridge, WA | Sept 2021


This summit is a quick 1/2 mile hike up ~500' elevation gain along what one of the rangers described as "social trails" which is to say there is no maintained trail but folks have bushwacked up to the top.  After parking in the Mowich Lake lot (pass required) and walking a short distance, I found a spot by the turn-around (and a no-parking sign) which has a section where one can get up off the road and into the forest.  There is a short path that peters out but if you keep going upwards you eventually get to the peak.  I availed myself of the SOTA Goat app to keep me pointed

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Loon Lake Mountain, WA | September 2021


26 SEP 21: This previously un-activated summit was a rare treat on a beautiful fall afternoon. Parking can be tricky and the access road is bordered by private property on both sides. I recommend parking on Museum Road near Highway 395; the walk in from there is around 3.2 mi with gradually increasing hills.

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Sister Rocks | September, 2021


The trail has been reopened since the 2020 fire in the area. Logs have been moved from the trail, and it is in excellent condition. This hike is relatively flat, gently sloped, and beautiful, well worth checking out.