Forested Summit

Summit is forested and/or has ample tree cover.
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Angeline-Heart Activation Aug 21, 2014


Located in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness off the West Fork Foss River Trail #1064 near Skykomish, this peak is between Big Heart and Angeline lakes. Big Heart Lake is about a 7.3 mile hike in, and the trail is steep and rocky at times. You'll also pass Trout, Copper and Little Heart Lakes on your way with wonderful scenery at all times.

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Walker Mountain, OR | August 2014


A dusty drive up in south central Oregon features a fire lookout at the summit and a lot of communication towers. There was some 20m noise that seemed to emanate from these facilities that periodically wiped out reception, but it was intermittent.

From Chemult in south central Oregon, head north on Highway 97 4.3 miles.

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SOTA Activation: Monte Tamaro, Ticino Canton, Switzerland - July 31, 2014


Skunked In Switzerland!

My ambitions for activating several SOTA Summits in Switzerland fell far short.  Switzerland has been experiencing one of the worst "summer" seasons in many decades.  This is impacting tourism, and certainly impacted our plans.

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Mount Walker, WA | August 2014


Mount Walker is a nice drive-up or summit hike just off Highway 101 on the east side of the Olympic Peninsula. There is a good view of Puget Sound from the summit and thus it makes for a good spot to try your hand at VHF/UHF contacts.

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Big Butte | August 2014


Big Butte is a near drive-up (in an SUV - the higher clearance is necessary) in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest that you could do in a passenger car with a bit more hiking (less than 2 miles each way on a road). From Portland, take I-84 to Cascade Locks and cross the river on the Bridge of the Gods (toll). Or take Washington 14 out from Vancouver past the Bridge of the Gods, through Stevenson and continue east on 14 to turn north towards Carson about four miles past Stevenson. After 12.3 miles on this Wind River Highway you will turn right onto NF-3080 or Hollis Creek Road (paved).

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Crater Benchmark, WA | August 2014


My general guidelines for off trail hiking are a mile or so across open sagebrush steppe, perhaps half a mile through open forests like ponderosa pine, and about a quarter mile for a western Douglas fir forest. This activation is a reminder to stay with these guidelines and not ever wander through a lava flow again.

I started from the Carson Guler Road, parking about 2.5 miles east of the gate for Red Mountain (W7W/LC-036 - a recommended activation). 

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Middle Butte, WA | June 2014


Here's another four-point summit north of Carson, Washington. You might be able to get within a mile or so in a carefully driven passenger car - perhaps only a little farther in a high-clearance vehicle. 

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Mount Zion Activation


Headed up to the hills for an activation with my two oldest daughters. Nice big parking lot at the bottom and a nice easy 2 mile walk to the summit. This is in forest service land so you can camp on the summit. Nice spot with small fire pit. One day I may try this. Trees are encroaching the summit so spotty views. Nice big area to set up on the summit. I used SMS text for spotting with success.

Setup: PFR3, SuperAntenna, TeNeKe.

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Turtleback Mountain, WA | June 2014


Turtleback Mountain is a lovely forest hike with a nice summit spot for activating. Along with Mounts Constitution and Pickett, it is one of three publicly accessible summits on Orcas Island, Washington. 

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Chuckanut Mtn 20 May, 2014


Identified by SOTA as Chuckanut Mtn, this peak is better known as Blanchard Mountain and is part of the Chuckanut Range. it is located on State Trust Land managed by the DNR. More information about the area may be found at:

A DNR Blanchard Forest Block map can be downloaded at: