Forested Summit

Summit is forested and/or has ample tree cover.
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3820 Mt. Transponder | August 2021


3820 Mt. Transponder involves a long drive on forest service roads followed by a very short bushwhack to the top of a forested summit that is deep into the western part of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.  This summit can be combined with nearby 3780 Top Loaded Mtn (W7W/PL-089) for an easy twofer.  The roads are easily tackled by a Subaru, but probably not a Prius.

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5060 Full Quieting, WA | Jun 2021


Full Quieting Mountain was instead fully quiet at least on 2m FM. Maybe it should be called Evil Step Sister as it lurks unattractively above Sleeping Beauty. (Did fine on HF)

Looks like there may be a shorter bushwhack from the north when examining the map. However, I was invited to hike Sleeping Beauty by some friends. Answering the question why isn’t Sleeping Beauty a SOTA summit leads you to Peak 5060, which has the required promonance. 

So I started from the official Sleeping Beauty trailhead:

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6026, CA June 2021


This was my first of three in one day in N. CA just west of Yreka in the  Scott Bar Mountains. It was a pleasant area to activate, forested knoll with some large open spaces to set up in and look down to Scott Valley to the SE. It was still early and we were in the clouds a bit so couldn't see the distant mountains such as the Marble Mountains and Shasta too well but probably you can on a clear day, and depending which side of the summit you are on.

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Wildcat Mountain, OR | June 2021


One of the four Wildcat Mountains in Oregon, this one is a short bushwhack from a Honda-Fit-accessible road, and as it is directly across NF2655 from Bunchgrass Mountain W7O/CM-087, these peaks would make an excellent pair or trio with Iron Mountain. 

On US 20, turn south onto NF15 and follow twists and turns, and several forks, to a sign on the left that says Fritz Wildcat, at 44.3437, -122.1303. Follow this road up to climb the ridge, and park at 44.3296, -122.1014, the saddle. Google has all these roads marked and it can get you there.

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Cee Cee Ah Peak, WA | May 2021


Ideal for MTB or gravel bike, this summit was another old lookout tower until the mid 30s. Begin where NF-051 is gated (N48.45475, W117.21851), about a six mile drive in from LeClerc Rd N. This road is Priusable. Just shy of five miles up the road from the gate near the summit (N 48.46345, W117.21752) take the road to the right. About 1/2 mile later, the road is blocked and you'll veer left uphill (on foot from here) on a small game trail to the summit about 300ft higher. The summit is forested but has ample room for camping and a nice fire ring.

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Little Chinquapin Mountain, OR May 2021


Nice little hike up a unusable road. Only about a 1/2 mi hike from where I parked on the west side where BLM RD 39-4E-17.1 pretty much ends. I enjoyed the short hike and the views driving up. There isn't much view from the top but just as you get at the fringe of the AZ there is a beautiful open view towards Mt. Mcloughlin, Brown, Robinson looking across Howard Prairie. I activated on the SW hump of the summit and wish I would have went to the true high point as I see now on my map it says "ruins". Could just be remnants of an old lookout. Easy set up.

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Peak 3060 | May 2020


This is a decent stop-off on the way to the Marys Peak day use area. The easiest approach is from the west, which has the least gain and the shortest path up to the logging roads up there.

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Greenstone Mountain, MT | May, 2021


0.5 miles; + 687 feet

This is a pleasant hike that begins at the historic Greenstone Mine just west of Apex, MT in the foothills of the East Pioneer Mountains.

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Franklin Butte, OR | March 2021


This first time activation was done entirely upon private property. Written permission from the property owner was obtained prior to the attempt. Any subsequent attempts must granted prior written permission. Franklin Butte WV-097 is a 909ft peak located 2.5 miles south of the town of Scio, Oregon. The 2.5 mile round trip hike features 1 mile on a powerline access grass road and 1.5 miles of bushwacking to the summit along a ridgetop. The elevation gain is about 550 feet.


Driving Directions

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2670 Git Out Ridge


Git Out Ridge is a a 2 point summit located about 5 miles north of Gold Bar. The 6.8 mile (roundtrip) hike begins at Spada Lake and is mostly a walk on a gravel road. About 1/3 of the hike is on an abandoned section of road that goes through the forest. Total elevation gain is ~1300'.

Driving Directions:
Take Highway 2 to Sultan. Take the Sultan Basin Road north. Most of the way is paved, but the last 1/3 of the road is gravel. We went in a Prius and had no trouble - the gravel road is in good shape. Keep following the road until you arrive at Spada Lake Dam.