No View From Summit

Summit does not have a "view"
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Pete's Mountain, OR | March-2012


There's nothing particularly interesting about Pete's Mountain - it's essentially a suburban pavement activation for one point. There's no public space so one ends up standing on the public right of way a few feet from the road, pretty much in someone's front yard. I was across the street from the actual 'summit' that's in the front yard of a large house. 

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Trout Creek Hill, WA


On our way into the Gifford Pinchot National Forest heading to Lookout Mountain that morning, we noticed that we passed Trout Creek Hill on the right, with what seemed like open roads heading in the general direction. Taylor made note of the route we'd need to take on the topo maps, assuming all the roads were actually open. We figured that we might at least drive up towards this one after we finished at Lookout Mountain, even if only to survey the potential. As it turned out, this became our third and final summit of our whirlwind ten-point day.

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"D-Layer" Mountain in WA


A few weeks ago I had a minor toe procedure that left me out of commission and unable to hike. To slowly get back in the swing of things, KK7DS and I planned to summit Lookout Mountain (W7/LC-066) after a tip from N7AAM. This particular summit is mostly accessible by car and requires minimal hiking. As we drove along FR 43 to Lookout Mountain, I saw "D-Layer" mountain come into view on the topo map. There were no roads leading to the top, but the topo lines gave the appearance that it would be a relatively easy bushwhacking adventure over a short distance. We decided to scope it out on our way back from Lookout Mountain.

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Bunker Hill, WA | May 2012


Taylor (K7TAY) and I activated Bunker Hill this weekend in southern Washington. This relatively easy hike starts flat on the Pacific Crest Trail before heading up a spur to the summit. All of the elevation is gained in a relatively short period of time, but the trail is not technical and easy to follow.