No View From Summit

Summit does not have a "view"
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4340 (mount continuity) WA | August 2021


Summary - Getting 4340 into the log requires a two hour drive, a short steep, brush covered cross county hike to the summit, and HF capability. A map and compass or GPS is a really good idea, as are trekking poles and long pants. There is no trail to the summit and on the way up you will encounter a lot of very large deadfall along with stands of manzanita and poison oak.  2M contacts are difficult unless other SOTA ops are working on nearby mountains, APRS works well, and ATT messaging sometimes.

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Royce Mountain, OR | July 2021


This is a near drive-up in a carefully driven Prius, or perhaps a full-on drive-up in a vehicle with some ground clearance.

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3820 Mt. Transponder | August 2021


3820 Mt. Transponder involves a long drive on forest service roads followed by a very short bushwhack to the top of a forested summit that is deep into the western part of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.  This summit can be combined with nearby 3780 Top Loaded Mtn (W7W/PL-089) for an easy twofer.  The roads are easily tackled by a Subaru, but probably not a Prius.

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5060 Full Quieting, WA | Jun 2021


Full Quieting Mountain was instead fully quiet at least on 2m FM. Maybe it should be called Evil Step Sister as it lurks unattractively above Sleeping Beauty. (Did fine on HF)

Looks like there may be a shorter bushwhack from the north when examining the map. However, I was invited to hike Sleeping Beauty by some friends. Answering the question why isn’t Sleeping Beauty a SOTA summit leads you to Peak 5060, which has the required promonance. 

So I started from the official Sleeping Beauty trailhead:

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Peak 3060 | May 2020


This is a decent stop-off on the way to the Marys Peak day use area. The easiest approach is from the west, which has the least gain and the shortest path up to the logging roads up there.

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3537, WA | April, 2021


3537 is a 4-pointer right off Marble Mountain Sno-Park, and despite the busy climbing season it is easily possible to get in here and activate it. You might combine this with a summit of nearby LC-075, if you are feeling especially ambitious.

To get here, take I-5 to Woodland, then SR 503 which becomes SR-503 Spur, which turns into NF-90; turn left onto NF-83 and drive 6 miles to Marble Mountain Sno-Park.

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Shearer Peak, ID | September, 2020


18.5-miles, +4,700 ft; -5,300 From Elk Mountain TH

3.5 miles, +800, - 1,500 ft ft from Trail 562 Junction

I activated this on the 13th day of a 15-day backpacking from the Elk Mountain Trailhead, via Mink Ridge & Marten Creek with a side-trip up Marten Creek to Marten Hot springs; but the route description is the more direct route across Goat Creek and along the Square Rock & Moose Ridge.

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Peak 7407, MT | May, 2018


3.5-miles, +1160 ft; From Pipestone Pass TH

This is a pleasant hike along the Continental Divide Trail that begins near the summit of Pipestone Pass (paved, and plowed).  It is also a POTA “2-Fer” (Beaverhead-Deerlodge NF & CDT) if you activate within 100-feet of the CDT.  It is also located on the northern edge of the historic Thompson Park area, which is a unique congressionally designated Municipal Recreation Area that includes much history related to the Milwaukee Road (Railroad).

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Peak 2791, WA | January 2021


Here's an opportunity to do an easy summit if you are out in the Gorge for wine tasting, other summits or a hike at Catherine Creek. The road walk is short at 0.75 miles one-way and about 200 feet of gain. The road is Priusable the whole way but note that there are a number of "no turn turns" cited by our phone GPS on the way from Highway 14 to the trailhead - the directions below are general.

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Tincup Hill - Idaho 13July2020


Tincup Hill summit is a large flat area covered by a regenerated old clearcut of 15-30’ tall lodgepole pine.  There are also some mining exploration shallow-trenches cut into the summit area and access ridge.  The hike is through easy terrain lacking in downfall or high brush. Trees are available to attach wire antennas.