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Fish Mountain, OR 2023


I did Fish, CS-159, and Buckneck the first day of my arrival preparing for the 2023 campout. I have been working on exploring the summits along the Rogue-Umpqua Divide. They are all HARD. Fish is about 1.8mi RT with about 1000'+ per mi gain. No trail, I took tracks from a peakbagger and hiked up the NW rim. It is a combination of navigating through the forest, rocks, and climbing. Half way up you will come to a plug I did not see coming but managed to navigate around the west side of it (to the right) and find a spot to boulder climb up.

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Tipsoo Peak, OR | July 2023


After arriving Thursday afternoon at the W7O Campout, Ryan NN7M invited me to join him and his dog Tori for a hike to Tipsoo Peak.  This summit was recently added as a new SOTA summit in Feb 2023, and was excited to hear this would be a first activation (Mark K7MAS also activated the summit the next day...and was part of the first UTC day activation)


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Kaser Ridge, OR | July 2023


The summit of Kaser Ridge is a drive-up radio site located on private property. Public access is restricted due to no trespassing signs and multiple gates. There is a radio site adjacent to Kaser Ridge. Service personnel have an easement to travel to the summit. I maintain equipment at this radio site. Access to Kaser Ridge is via Fifteenmile Road. The first gate has the risk of cattle getting loose on the county road (you don't want a rodeo on your hands). The extremely steep 4x4 drive up and down is not for the faint of heart. It's hazardous during mud and snow conditions.

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Mt Bailey, OR | July 2023


Mt. Bailey is a 5 mile, 3600 ft ascent with a few tricky sections to test your hiking mettle. There are two access points, one is easily reached via any passenger car, the other would require a high clearance vehicle and possibly all wheel/4 wheel drive. Its a beautiful hike, but can be hot and buggy so bring plenty of food/water and bug spray (Ben’s 30% DEET worked well for us). I would consider this an intermediate hike due to the elevation gain and some of the exposure, but bringing a new/young hiker along is reasonable with the proper support.

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Strawberry Mountain, WA July 2023


Getting there: from highway 12 , when you get to the town of Randle, turn South on state route 131. After about a half mile, there is a fork in the road. Stay to the right on highway 131. Do not take the left fork to Cispus road. After another half mile route 131 turns into Forest Service road 25. Drive about 10 miles down the 25 road until you get to the 2516, where you'll take a right. Here are coordinates for the turn: 46.34766, -121.97049. 

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Pig Iron Mountain | July 2023


Pig Iron Mountain is a drive up good gravel forest road plus a half mile light-to-moderate bushwhack through rhododenrons. As such it's reasonably easy enough to reach, though no view at the top to particularly recommend it compared to other local peaks.

We found no pigs, iron or pig iron. Totally misleading peak name. There was just a bunch of bushes. Maybe they are pretty assuming they flower in the spring time. Dunno. YMMV.

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Bald Mountain (Baldy), Idaho | July 2023


Bald Mountain, above Sun Valley, Idaho, is one of the most interesting and picturesque activations I’ve ever done.  There is no need to describe access due to the myriad of information available on-line (i.e., hike/snowshoe, mountain bike, drive, etc.) If you choose to hike, there is a foot traffic permit required.  Though it costs to ride the gondola/chair lift up, there is no cost to ride them down.  We decided to make the activation a fa

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Hollys Ridge, OR | July 2023


After climbing climbing Mt Thielsen (W7O/CS-002) with K6ARK our legs were feeling good, so we decided to try for the first activation of Hollys Ridge (W7O/CS-007). From the junction with the Thielsen climbers trail, take the PCT North. This will wrap east around the ridge line. Exit the PCT at 43.16113, -122.06537 and head down to the glacial stream. Here we crossed to the north side of the stream and bushwacked through the pines (not bad) towards the saddle between Thielsen and Holly. Here we made the mistake of going straight up the saddle.

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Cougar Mountain, OR | July 2023


Of the four Cougar Mountains in Oregon, this one is an easy two pointer south off of Highway 58, east of Oakridge, OR. This is a near drive up (or drive up if you are brave) and makes a convenient summit when travelling Hwy 58. 


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Highwood Baldy, MT | July 2023


2.73 miles, +1,895 feet

Instructions to Trailhead (Note that there are few, if any, road signs along this access route):